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A new French exchange focuses on security and regulatory compliance as a part of its plan to become the European market leader by 2020.

A new exchange — — intends to keep audited and regulatory-compliant records as well as carefully select coins to ensure that they are compliant with the local and international law, including for upcoming regulations. The company hopes such caution will ensure that the funds of their customers won’t ever be frozen or seized.

Also, the exchange promises a reliable infrastructure that will guarantee DDoS resistance, high throughput and minimal downtime. The credibility of this claim is backed by the experience of the people involved in the project, which have managed the Paymium Bitcoin exchange since 2011.

As a way to enhance security, the company has pledged to keep the exchange free from “technical debt.” This means that no coin or feature will make it onto the platform without being thoroughly assessed by experts first.

The focus on security is also present in the way the cryptocurrencies are to be kept by the company. Ninety-eight percent of the exchange’s funds are to be kept in a multisignature cold storage wallet. Furthermore, the private keys to this wallet will be held in separate locations to make it even harder for unauthorized individuals to gain access to the funds.

A versatile exchange

The white paper claims that the exchange will combine the advantages of both centralized exchanges and decentralized settlements to eliminate costs and help with the privacy and scalability problems that have been experienced on the Bitcoin blockchain.

One of the focuses of the design was versatility, and that is made apparent by the integration of many different order types meant to accommodate both new and experienced traders. Also, there are plans for a peer-to-peer (p2p) lending system which will let user borrow from a fund managed and maintained by the company. The transaction’s interest rates will be established by supply and demand.

Also, another important aspect of this exchange is the strict eligibility criteria for coins to be added and for ICO projects to be assisted. The reason for these requirements is partly the focus on regulatory compliance, which is made apparent by the requirement for projects to be run in conformity with the law. Another reason why such conditions are put in place is to ensure that only viable and high-quality projects are listed and assisted.

Before getting listed — after they are sure to meet all the required criteria — projects are also voted on by the community before getting the final approval. When a project is found to be eligible for assistance by, all of its ICO operations are planned on behalf of the project’s team in exchange for a percentage of the raised funds. What is being offered by the company is financial, marketing and legal expertise.

A new company with an experienced team

The project is led by, which — according to Fintank — is the first Bitcoin exchange which operates in compliance with European regulations. Paymium has been active since 2011, which means that there is a lot of experience and expertise given to

However, expertise isn’t the only thing that its parent company is willing to bring to the new exchange. Paymium claims to have over 170.000 accounts and that all those users will be automatically granted a account, alongside with incentives to use the new crypto exchange.

The token sale of the project will start on Sept. 27, and the exchange will start its operations immediately after the end of the sale in November.

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