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The term “private equity” is well known, especially for those who have sought to achieve a position in the stock. This kind of capital involves the investment of a firm and a professional management team, which does not only represent money but also provides non-monetary resources such as contacts, practices, and administration. Notwithstanding, in a centralized world, only millionaire-budget investors backed by big firms and expert teams have a genuine guarantee of success – or plan B – to boost-up a project and gain profits; by contrast, the individual investors and low-budget seem never to reach success.

By using today’s top technologies, Aranium aims to provide the market with a diversifiable platform of value, set to upgrade capital equity into a decentralized and much more profitable method.

But… What Exactly Is Aranium?

The company Aranium Pte Ltd, founded in July 2018, is about to officially lunch its on-chain division after the major success experienced in Southeast Asia. The technology label firm is currently about to launch a virtual-ecosystem solution that gives a genuine twist to investment capital and limited methods to generate profitability.

Since the appearance of blockchain technology, many courses in society have received considerable improvement, from the fiduciary currency-exchange system which frontiers got erased by digital alternative, to the usage of the public ledger features and its decentralized networks to inject liquidity into physical assets. However, something that caught the public’s attention about the Aranium plan is that, unlike many Initial Coin Offers, it has found a middle ground in which private capital alternatives coexist and get astonishingly benefited by the implementation of this cryptographic attributes.

The Power Of Capital Disruption And Tokenization

It’s not a coincidence that, according to Forbes’s Private Equity Deal Value Rises In A Crowded Market, the global buyout value has expanded by 19% during 2017, reaching amounts that exceed $440 billion; between public and private transactions. Which makes us wonder, what can blockchain technology improve about the private equity industry since it can reach such huge numbers and growth? The answer is: everything.

To be more specific, the private equity market is one of the most prolific areas in modern traditional commerce; however, due to its severe fragmentation, a borderless market would be impossible to achieve through conventional approaches; since we are talking about different laws, currencies and jurisdictions.

The amazing improvements that have been made in other financial lines can easily be attributed to the emergence and growth of crowdfunding projects based on decentralized networks (blockchain).

The disruptive blockchain solutions that Aranium states will provide the potential to take the capital investment industry to the next level that replicates the success of institutionalized projects. Now with public access through software, integrated with all the necessary tools for specialists, crypto-enthusiasts and large corporations to unleash their full potential and create unlimited business relationships. The upgraded process adds liquidity to real-world assets through tokenized representation and subsequent trade.

That’s How Aranium’s Gears Work

The primary attribute of Aranium’s platform is that it has its own protocol based on the Ethereum code (ERC20) and token alternatives for cross-border transactions. Through the redefinition of business tactics and a rooted accounting program, Internet users will be able to engage in the decentralized process and thus receive capital investment and buy/sell with crypto through:

  1. Business research. Market data to guide and help user’s development.
  2. Investment proposals. By making assets, projects and private capital properties available, users can receive investment proposals to boost their initiatives.

Thanks to the new possibility of trading assets in a welcoming market, there is no actual need to link to long-term projects to receive profits years later. Through smart contracts technology, Aranium introduces a transparent system in which the agreements will be sealed in cryptographic statutes where once the conditions are fulfilled, payments and benefits are automatically released, responding to the apparent demand for liquidity that the private capital industry had been experimenting for quite some time.

Private Equity Mobility

The tokenized funds will be connected to a virtual wallet. Besides being a new project, Aranium will encourage constant improvements in order to adapt to its audience as part of its roadmap, like the future launch of a homonymous dApp.

The new technologies and revolutionary companies like Aranium offer us all a new scenario where action and support are guaranteed. Returning to the theme from the beginning of this article: give yourself the chance to become a member of the current trend of economic modernization and shape your success through crypto and blockchain.

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