It is commonplace for cryptocurrency traders to think to leverage the best position possible on the assets they own, and in so doing maximize the profit margins on a consistent basis. But for most traders, this expectation often deviates from the narrative as they lose more money than they actually make on day trading.

This is most likely due to the fact that cryptocurrency trading, as a budding subset of the blockchain industry, lacks adequate tools that keep traders efficiently ahead of the market. And for this reason, many resort to more analytical approaches to both judge the value of an asset and possibly predict trends in the market.

However, the sad truth is that the market behaves in ways that oftentimes betray the emotions and excitement of traders, as trading parameters are swayed by technical assays, hence the aptness to rely on this particular analytical tool. Still, many traders find it difficult as there are too many technical instruments and indicators to play around with and the unpredictability of the volatile market makes it even more difficult for traders to stick to one modus operandi and make the most of the opportunities even if they stare all day at their trading screens.

One-Size-Fits-All Hivereck Trading Bot

One solution is set to make a big difference in the lives of cryptocurrency traders regardless of their skill sets or level of expertise. It comes in the form of a trading bot developed by Hivereck and designed to leverage the best positions for arbitrage trading.

Arbitrage trading makes use of price differentials across various markets and exchanges to allow traders make more profits. Put simply, traders can buy at a lower price from one exchange or a comparative market (currency pairs) and then sell higher at different market or exchange. Now, this would sound simple as many traders understand the principle of profit which equates to selling at a higher price than the cost price. But when it comes to cryptocurrency trading, a lot more needs to be factored in, such as exchange trading policies to include fee structure, and API infrastructure, and consistently timing the market for relativity for any meaningful trading to be done. A real pain if done manually.

However, with an innovative trading bot solution such as the Hivereck, the playing field is about to get levelled. With a few simple steps, traders can optimally leverage price differentials of an asset on different exchanges in real-time. Users can sign up here to begin their journey into arbitrage trading with Hivereck bot.


  • Trading on over 74 global crypto exchanges that support about 1,500 markets and 20 quote coin pairs, thereby creating a huge trading exposure.
  • Transact multiple currency pairs at any given time.
  • Possible average earnings that range from 2% to 7% consistently on a daily basis which is withdrawable after every 24 hours of trading.

About Hivereck

Hivereck is an arbitrage trading bot that trades several pairs between numerous exchanges with company funds plus the funds deposited and locked by users around the globe.

Learn more about the Hivereck bot here:

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