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Creating your own blockchain platform requires a significant amount of knowledge and resources, for some it is simply not possible. The same thing goes for designing any platform be it a website or blockchain system. This is why we have services such as Foursquare that helps the average user create their own intricate website. For blockchain, one of the leading platforms in the industry is the all-in-one blockchain solution ARK.


ARK was designed to provide users with an accessible and scalable system that is ready for mass adoption. In recent news, ARK is set to release their new Core v2 on the November 28th, 2018. This new code has been written from scratch and is ready to be integrated into the backbone of the ARK blockchain. This update will bring numerous new features and improvements to the system:

  • Dynamic Fees: Delegates will have the opportunity to set their own fees for different transaction types. Users will have the choice to modify and pay fees they are happy with for sending transactions.
  • Plugin System: Most of ARK’s processes have been developed as plugins making it easy to add or remove them from the system.
  • Increased Speed: Transactions that can be put in a single block have increased from 50 to 150, tripling transactions per second from 6.25 to 18.75.
  • New API: Following the latest API standards, ARK Core is more stable and powerful than ever, providing additional endpoints and giving developers more access to information.
  • Webhook Support: Real-time information will be provided with the data being delivered as it happens.
  • Better Transaction Pool Management: The power of memory and SQLite are undergoing improvements providing more stability and reliability for more future optimizations.

What’s Going to Happen on November 28th, 2018?

The ARK team and delegates will install the new Core v2 onto servers on the 28th of November, 2018. Due to the nature of conducting a hardfork, users who want to run a node will have to replace their old code. Users may experience small downtimes during the transition period but it will only temporary.

There won’t be much to do for end users apart from install updates – current desktop and mobile users will be provided with information and guides prior to launch. The new Core v2 will be much more simple to integrate, paired with a JSON-RPC plugin making implementation stress free.

Where is ARK Headed Next?

Following the update their primary focus will be to resolve any bugs that may arise. After the honeymoon phase, ARK want to purse the building of the Core v2.1. Set to release in early 2019, it will bring new dynamic features. Additionally, ARK plan to rewrite their whitepaper and implement additional new content by the end of the year including:

  • ARK Pay: a simple open source library that will allow merchants and vendors alike to implement and accept ARK as a means of online payment.
  • The ARK Desktop Wallet v2: Built from scratch, a new desktop wallet bringing improved UI and dynamic fee support and more.

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