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It’s hard to overestimate the advantages of blockchain technology for the gambling industry. The emergence of cryptocurrency as an anonymous decentralized means of payment caused a great interest to this electronic payment system from gambling services. Besides, the increasing popularization of cryptocurrencies among Internet users dictates the gambling services to follow the market trends if they want to attract a new generation of gamblers. In this regard, today you can find more and more online gambling services, which accept the latest means of payment in the form of different cryptocurrencies.

The AzartPay platform founders went further and, taking into account this trend in the online gambling market, released a new Azart cryptocurrency directly for this industry. At the same time, Azart exists within the AzartPay platform, which is a merchant service with an open API for connecting payments in this cryptocurrency. Using the Azart cryptocurrency will bring significant benefits both to users and owners of online gambling services, that will soon allow popularizing the AzartPay platform.

Azart advantages for AzartPay users and partners

It is undoubtedly worth noting that the AzartPay platform creators took care that its use should be interesting for both sides of the gambling process. First, for gamblers, the Azart cryptocurrency will become an anonymous, secure and instant means of payment for participation in online gambling. Secondly, for the services that will accept the Azart cryptocurrency, its creators have envisaged the cancellation of the “House Edge” commission. It is an undeniable benefit for players, since this payment type takes an average of 0.5% to 5% of the bet in favor of the gambling service. The absence of this commission is a real innovation in the gambling industry. This is a clear advantage of the AzartPay platform, which will allow to attract a large number of gamblers.

What is the online gambling services interest to cancel “House Edge” commission? After all, it is quite a significant source of their income. The AzartPay platform developers have thought about this moment. Thus, the game services motivation will be that, using the AzartPay platform, they will be able to earn more than on the players. How will this be implemented? With the help of the “System of Motivation of Partners and Users” (by the way, it will be useful for players as well), which will cover the absence of the “House Edge” commission for owners of gaming services.

How will the “System of Motivation of Partners and Users” work?

The fact that the Azart cryptocurrency is a coin with the mining opportunity, and is not a token, is a significant aspect of its right positioning. The project creators envisaged the opportunity to install the masternodes, which will allow to earn money on the use of the platform for both ordinary users and partner services. At the same time, for the partner services the motivation system will work in such a way that the coins accumulated from the work of the masternodes installed for this system will be distributed among the partners depending on their activity at the end of each period. Thus, the more bets a partner will accept in the Azart cryptocurrency, the more profit he will receive. In addition, partners who installed a masternode will be able to put their projects to the vote in order to receive funding.

These are not all features of the Azart cryptocurrency. You can learn more about it on the project’s official website. It should be noted that the coin is already represented at two exchanges (Stocks Exchange, CREX24), where it is actively traded. The project creators are not going to stop here – they are planning to add the coin to other well-known platforms and trading on the CryptoBridge exchange will open in just a few days. The connection of gambling services to the AzartPay platform will begin in the 4th quarter of 2018. The project team is planning to launch its own gaming platform without “House Edge” comission in early 2019. Join the Azart community today and you will become a participant of the revolution in the online gambling industry!