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On the 1st of September at Hong Kong Disney Land, Biser shared the latest updates regarding their new app and the current development of Biser Protocol. This revolutionary platform attracted a crowd of 300 community members attending the panel, ready to engage with what the company has to offer. The project comes as a mixture of knowledge and experience in management and software engineering, joining together over the mutual faith for cryptocurrency. The latter is what brought them to make a move on producing their revolutionary app solution, believing on the potential of blockchain technology and digital currencies.

Speakers from the company that attended the event were Max Katsuya Wada, Dan Cheung and Tom Klein. Mr Wada is the founder and Chairman of Biser, and is renown in the corporate M&A and advisory services industry, as he previously provided consultancy services to over 60 companies. He was there to discuss Blockchain and the future it holds, while colleague Dan Cheung talked about the Biser application and the technology that goes behind it. Mr Cheung works as the Blockchain developer at Biser and is experienced in marketing roles at both local and international level. He spent years developing marketing communication activities, and deploying strategies to increase market share amongst others.
While there to talk about the community growth of Biser, was the marketing manager Tom Klein. Mr Klein holds over 10 years of experience as a project manager in the information technology industry, focusing on managing projects, dealing with customer service, user experience, and e-commerce.

The three of them delved deep into the mechanics of Biser, where the platform is at and the potential it holds, inspiring and informing the attendees with their expertise.

The guest speaker for the event was Mr. Tanaka from Passion Progress Limited, the largest cryptocurrency mining operation in Hong Kong. This company started a partnership with Biser, with the intention of offering their future users the most efficient cryptocurrency solution.

From this event, the community learned how an innovative idea such as Biser works and how it can change digital payments and social apps. Biser saw all the mistakes that have made users of standardized social apps fear for privacy and data protection, and created something void of such issues. Powered by Blockchain, this new app goes beyond any other competitor on the market, as it provides a safer environment to share information and opinions. The chat feature marks itself as the ultimate communication tool, offering video, voice, and text messaging. While also going beyond the usual options a chat app would provide, by integrating a payment feature that allows users to pay for bills, transfer funds and complete any necessary purchases. A revolutionary way of socializing and completing everyday tasks. Socializing adapted for the future and simplified.

The intention is to create a global app that anyone can benefit from, making communication across countries way simpler than before. Thanks to blockchain, privacy is higher than any other social app you ever used. Your personal identity will never be exposed or used, while your data will not be used for commercial uses like it has happened before. Transfering funds will especially be quick and secure, as everything will happen anonymously and without third party interference. All data is also encrypted, allowing you to safely chat with whoever you want without worrying about your personal information being read by outsiders.

Meanwhile, using the Biser app to complete payments is more convenient than traditional methods, as the cost of transaction is way lower than card fees. All the payments are carried out via smart contracts on the Ethereum platform and you can keep your identity anonymous thanks to the unique ID that only who you want to know, will know about. The first social app that allows you to keep your privacy while completing transactions. Payment is also instant, as with your digital wallet you only need to scan the Official Account QR code to send money. On the cryptocurrency side, Biser has been working on creating a fintech solution where fiat money can be converted into digital tokens more easily, and at a much lower cost. Via this platform, anyone can convert their money into tokens and subsequently use them via the app.

Business wise, it allows companies to fund their projects via pre-sale and expand their reach to a wider platform. The blockchain technology perk is that it can allow businesses to raise funding for small projects, including crypto entrepreneurs. Allowing anyone to work on their goals and grow quicker than ever before.

You don’t need to be an expert in technology to receive the benefits of the Biser app, as the user interface is made easy to understand and use. A comprehensive app that allows you to access all the features you might need, both social and business.

Another goal of Biser once the first chat app has been finalized, is to create a gambling platform that will allow contributors to use their tokens as gambling chips, while integrating it with an online casino.

This is just the first step in innovative ideas that Biser has been working on, as it plans to expand and release more exclusive features that can help everyone.

Next month, Biser will be working on fully developing the chat app, and investors have until December to support the company via their ICO. Following this plan, Biser chat is on track to be released by February of 2019, allowing everyone around the world to start benefiting from this ultimate solution to standard apps.