Cryptocurrency trading continues to grow at a rapid pace as people across the globe catch “crypto fever.” Bithoven, a new cryptocurrency trading platform, has recognized the need for an easy-to-use exchange suited for crypto newcomers and veterans alike, and on Jan.14 2019, went live.

Traders can now begin trading crypto quickly, thanks to Bithoven’s intuitive platform, which distinguishes it from many of the existing cryptocurrency exchanges. As cryptocurrency has expanded in recent years, the clientele is no longer as tech-savvy as it was in the early days.

Those who sign up now can claim 100 free DOGE simply by registering and complying with the terms and conditions. They are then free to trade, make a profit and test new opportunities.

Crypto Trading Made Easy

Bithoven offers fast registration, convenient funding options, and numerous trading tools – all important benefits as many traders do not have extensive knowledge of the rapidly growing cryptocurrency market.

To get started, the user simply creates an account, verifying their email address for security. The user can then deposit cryptocurrency from a personal wallet and begin trading once their deposit is confirmed.

To perform a trade, the trader goes to the “instruments” section, clicks on the currency tab and chooses their preferred market to place an order in: limit orders, market orders, and scaled orders.

Limit orders let traders choose the precise price needed for their order to be filled. This way, traders can be confident they will purchase and sell at their stated prices.

Market orders allow traders to buy at the lowest price and sell at the highest price currently available.

Scaled orders are a time-saving feature that allows traders to create multiple limit orders with the same conditions simultaneously. When placing a scaled order, the trader selects the number of coins they wish to sell, the allowed price deviation, the minimum and maximum order price, and the number of orders being placed. The trader can also specify if they want the order price to change in response to market price changes.

All scaled orders are separately displayed, allowing the trader to cancel them individually if they choose.

Seamless Trade Management

To manage their trading activities, the “balances” page allows traders to check on the type and amount of crypto in their account and the amount pending. They can deposit crypto from their personal wallet to their account, and vice versa.

The “history” page gives detail transaction information, such as transactions within a time frame; payment IDs and transaction hashes; chosen currency and amount; and the type of transaction (deposit or withdrawal).

Traders can have orders filled quickly, thanks to Bithoven’s high liquidity. The exchange provides high trading volumes and liquidity according to industry standards.

Advanced tools include charts, order books and real-time reports for making trading decisions.

Bithoven’s trading commission is fixed at 0.1 percent of trading value. There are no deposit fees and no hidden charges for trading. The platform also has features to “hide zero balances” and “search crypto” by name.

Customer Support

The Bithoven customer care team is available through a live chat and via the online contact form. The team responds to urgent live chat requests within two to three minutes.

Bithoven presently supports 349 currencies for deposit and withdrawal and offers a total of 858 crypto tools.

As more traders get on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, Bithoven will make their trading experience seamless and rewarding.

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