Wings Mobile, the Spanish virtual mobile operator, has revealed the development of the world’s first ultra-secure, crypto-mining smartphone – “The Simply Sexy” Wings WX™ – which will have its official unveiling at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from the 25 to 28 February 2019. This ultra-secure smartphone can generate up to 2 ETH a month without any power consumption.

Wings received the ALCI AWARD for ‘Best Technological Design’ for their state-of-the-art smartphones, supporting their reputation as an innovative software developer and high-end smartphone and laptop producer.

During the Wings ICO, which starts in May 2019, a limited edition of 40,000 Wings WX™ units with engraved production numbers will be made available for 6000 BWN (BitWings tokens). BWN can always be used in Wings’ native ecosystem, granting a 10% discount off the price within the entire range of products and services, both online and in physical stores.

Wings Mobile, founded in 2007, has seen over a decade of success within the wholesale B2B telecommunications market. They are now expanding into the B2C marketplace, with their current retail business strategy based on offering their mobile network and services, Wings smartphones and Wings Books laptops, to the end consumer through their distribution system based on an ingenious social media marketing strategy and exclusive affiliate program.

According to the President of Wings, Daniele Bianchini, “There are already numerous original software applications incorporated into our hardware. With ©Wings Suite™ you can transfer all your Wings phone functions to your laptop, including GSM calls, and when using ©Wings Guardian™ you will know in real time if any applications or hackers are using your camera. Furthermore, with ©Wings Secure Call™ you can have VoIP calls that not even Wings Mobile can intercept. And finally, with ©Wings World Roaming Free™ you can have free VoIP calls in 60 countries around the world.”

Bianchini continued, “We know that the most anticipated and welcomed solution in the high-tech community is The Safe Core OS™ operating system based on Android, with an ultra-secure encryption core for products, including the Wings WX™ smartphone and the Wings X Book™ laptop, which is designed to meet the needs of the blockchain world.

Domenico Cantone, Marketing Director for Wings, delved further, explaining, “The Wings blockchain phone is the first neural hybrid phone with a triple factor authentication and cold storage cryptographic wallet built into the hardware. It is a secure operating system within an open operating system, giving the user the freedom to use any app they please while also ensuring their peace of mind that nothing can threaten their most sensitive personal and financial information.”

One of the many unique security features provided by The Safe Core OS™ solution, which can be read about in more detail from their White Paper, is Wings Neural Face ID™. This technology allows the owner of the Wings WX™ smartphone to create secondary biometric profiles that will access different content with regards to the menu and the application. For example, if a user accesses their phone next to another person, the neural identification device scanning the face of the users immediately recognizes the presence of an unidentified person, and based on previously set configurations, shows an alternate menu. Everything you have decided to keep private will remain private.

The BitWings ICO will strengthen the financial base of Wings Mobile while addressing the increased demand for unique blockchain-based, security solutions for smartphones, plus underpin an accelerated expansion of 36 identified territories, or Business Units, throughout the world.

The Public Sale is divided into four different phases, each with decreasing bonus percentages given to token price. The last 60 Million tokens will be sold with 0% bonus, which is equal to the emission value of $0.20 USD. After the ICO crowdfunding campaign, the tokens can only be purchased in the secondary market, either peer to peer, or through exchange platforms at market value.

Cantone clarified, “BitWings strength as a cryptocurrency comes from holding a true value of $ 0.20 USD at issue, which acts as protection against market fluctuations. In addition, BWN tokens are a medium of exchange within the Wings Mobile ecosystem to purchase products, plus token holders get a 10% discount throughout the entire range of Wings Mobile products and services. Of course, the phone itself is able to generate up to 2 ETH in a month, which is a major bonus.”

The first 40,000 limited edition Wings WX™ smartphones are available only for ICO participants. The ICO Public Sale starts on May 1, 2019, and ends when all 189 Million BWN are sold at the end of June, whichever comes first.

Bianchini concluded, “No matter if you are a crypto miner, a privacy advocate, a high-tech enthusiast, or business-minded person, BitWings has a solution for everyone. Every Wings Mobile offer is on, and we invite everyone to become the proud owner of the first ultra-secure smartphone that will generate income.”

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