It has become increasingly difficult to trust your own eyes – or to put that trust in a third-party when investing in cryptocurrencies.

Block Society, the first cryptocurrency advising firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), will allow investors of all backgrounds to safely invest in cryptocurrencies when its platform launches on March 1, 2019.

“When I first entered the cryptocurrency space, I was astounded by the overwhelming amount of misleading and inaccurate information regarding fundamental and technical analysis,” Block Society CEO, Jeremy Horton, said in a statement.

“Cryptocurrency forums and online groups were consistently propagating blatant scams, distorted trading tips, and clearly inaccurate information. Unregulated companies consistently preyed upon novice and retail investors, promising massive and unrealistic returns, like doubling or tripling an original investment overnight.”

“After seeing the type of tactics these companies employed, I decided it was time to create a regulated financial advising firm that offered protection to its clients in a professional manner and fully complied with SEC requirements.”

Shortly after, Block Society was created. This newly-registered firm will offer professional investment services to its clients, including trading signals, cryptocurrency education, fundamental and technical analysis, emerging news, a forum, and trading tips. Additionally, the firm will send trade signals to its members via text or email.

Block Society prides itself on delivering trustworthy and sound financial information in a market that is full of scams. More importantly, it hopes to educate its members to allow them to make more sound and informed investment decisions in a financial field full of pitfalls and an ever-changing regulatory field. Block Society’s mission reads: “Integrity Through Transparency In The Blockchain Ecosystem.”

The emerging company currently employs a Series 65-licensed registered investment advisor to aid clients in making informed cryptocurrency investments, provide analysis of volatile crypto markets, and suggest trading entry and exit points. Block Society intends to add a full team of registered technical and fundamental analysts in the coming months, making Block Society the first fully-compliant registered investment company, with registered investment advisors, that centers entirely around cryptocurrency in the United States.

“Our firm differs from financial institutions in one major way – we solely focus on the cryptocurrency market,” Horton added. “While a handful of traditional financial institutions have begun to allocate resources towards the digital assets market, they are not ready to fully commit to the cryptocurrency market due to its complexity and inherent volatility. The cryptocurrency market is a relatively new, borderless financial frontier that is constantly changing. Investment strategies for cryptocurrency differ extensively from traditional markets, especially because cryptocurrency markets are always open.”

Affordable monthly rates and experienced financial advisors position Block Society light years ahead of larger financial institutions like JPMorgan Chase, who are just beginning to explore the crypto markets.

Block Society offers three different packages ranging from $49.99 to $199.99 per month for non-personalized financial advice and education services. These price points allow both novice and experienced investors an opportunity to receive professional cryptocurrency investment education and advice – and, ultimately allowing people from all financial backgrounds the ability to afford investment services.

“The cryptocurrency market price action is significantly different than traditional markets and requires a unique skill set to mitigate risk and generate profit,” Horton said. “The fundamentals to successfully invest require thousands of hours of research and analysis.”

“Our team specializes in crafting investment strategies that capitalize on the volatility of the markets. Since cryptocurrency markets do not have minimum asset requirements for day trading, our strategies are especially beneficial for investors who are unable to day trade on traditional stock markets or take advantage of short-term trading strategies.”

For more information or to become a member of Block Society, visit or email [email protected]

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Jeremy Horton

Chief Executive Officer

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