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Trademonk formally known as Btcmonk is crypto-based exchange with many exciting features. The exchange has been acquired by an Estonian company Trademonk OU which is going through its ICO phase as of now. The team of the Trademonk is same as that of Btcmonk.

About Trademonk:

Trademonk is cryptocurrency trading platform which offers Limit trade, Market trade, Stop-loss trade, Margin trade, OTC trade & Escrow trade. Trademonk acquires Btcmonk with over more than 50,000+ userbase and more growing spontaneously.

Trademonk as over 10,000 android downloads from play store. Also, Trademonk has more than 20,000 iOS downloads and over 20,000 web downloads. The data clearly shows the growing popularity of the exchange in the masses. Trademonk was started in summer 2016, till then there was no looking back.

Users have to signup and do their KYC in Trademonk for using their active INR deposits and withdrawal services. Trademonk is very few of those exchanges which are still giving bank withdrawals after the R.B.I ban.

Exciting Features on Trademonk:

Trademonk offers various interesting features for its users which will attract crowd on their platform easily. Some of the features are-

Limit Trade:

In limit trade, a user has full freedom to place his/her order as per own choice. The order will be executed with ‘’Highest Buy & Lowest Sell’’.Users can know the status of their orders through notifications.

Market Trade:

By market, trade users buy or sell any coin instantly. User will be notified for the transaction.

Stop-loss Trade:

Stop-loss is a type of order which helps users to prevent potential losses. The main idea behind stop-loss is to place a sell order at a lower price than when you bought it, to avoid unforeseen losses.

Margin Trade:

Margin trade includes borrowing money from a broker/exchange to be able to buy a larger amount of an asset than with just your own money.

TMNK Fiat support:

Trademonk supports major currencies like INR, THB & EUR. Users can now deposit these fiat to trade in TMNK markets.

Peer-to-Peer Trading:

Trademonk also supports peer to peer trading for faster execution of orders.

And many other features which can be seen in the company’s whitepaper itself. Trademonk aims at providing all crypto based solutions under one platform to its users.

Token Sale:

Trademonk will issue their own coin called TMNK Coin. Trademonk coin will have a strict supply of 2.8 million.TMNK will run on etherium blockchain with ERC-20.

  • TMNK public sale started from August 6.
  • TMNK public sale ends Septeber 30.
  • Transaction amount 0.1 BTC.
  • 1 TMNK = 0.00063878 BTC
  • Trademonk supports fiats like INR, THB & EUR

Trademonk Token Economics:

Out of 2.8 million TMNK tokens generated, the distribution of TMNK token is discussed below –

  1. 20% – For ICO.
  2. 40% – For Referral Interest and Airdrops
  3. 25% – For Company Holding.
  4. 15% – Direct Sale.

Airdrop for Holders:

There is TMNK airdrop for all holders calculated as –

  1. Fixed Deopsit Airdrop of 12% monthly on amount of TMNK invested for period of 3 months, 6 months, & 9 months.
  2. Daily Airdrop is calculated as 0.05% of TMNK holding.
  3. Referral Airdrop of 25% of trade fee is distributed to introducing user.


The CEO of Trademonk and Btcmonk is Mr.Ganesh Godase, his linkedin profile is given. The team has over 15 members including Director, Mr. Amit Nevase and Mr. Pritesh Saitwal. The team also includes Mr. Thomas Schibil , Head of Business Development Cipher Venture Capital, Adviser.

The team with Trademonk is quite experienced and aimed at solving all future problems. Trademonk CEO, Mr. Ganesh Godase is personally very hard working person.


Trademonk is working in the right direction and ICO is also going pretty well. The public sale of TMNK coin started from 6th August and will end 30th September. Trademonk has come up with very interesting features altogether under one platform.

Atlast Trademonk is committed towards user interest and we can see it growing forward in the near future. Let’s see how the things goes.