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CryptoCasher is a next-generation platform that seeks to revolutionize the crypto-trading with cash backed by escrow services, in a safe, anonymous decentralized PEP exchange (person-escrow-person).

October 2, 2018: Good news for aspiring cryptocurrency investors looking for opportunities of reliable crypto trade with cash. A new revolutionary platform has arrived with the world’s FIRST PEP decentralized Crypto↔Cash exchange which allows to buy & sell crypto for cash worldwide. CryptoCasher is currently inviting contributors to its pre-sale.

CryptoCasher will launch its PRE-SALE on October 2, 2018 and the pre-sale phase will continue till November 2, 2018. The token price for the phase is — 1 CRR=0.0014 ETH.

The pre-sale period is offering a handy 15% discount and for the first 3 hours extra bonus 5%.

The platform allows buying or selling crypto for cash safely and quickly with a 3rd party escrow service. CryptoCasher undergoes a thorough verification on escrow services before adding them on its platform. The escrow service will be able to enjoy some additional income from the transaction fees. CryptoCasher also eliminates the process of buying or selling cryptocurrency in personal meetings which could be risky for both buyers and sellers.

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CryptoCasher is launched to address the problems associated with the traditional process of buying or selling cryptocurrency today. When it comes to buying & selling cryptocurrency, the conventional process is to register with a centralized crypto exchange which accepts bank transfers. Now, the whole scheme is largely unstable as these exchanges keep on changing their bank accounts frequently, being hacked or shut down at all due to regulations. Besides, the scheme is not exactly viable with people with no bank accounts. Moreover, it may take weeks to complete registration and verification procedures with crypto exchanges.

On the other hand, Reports are rife of several banks banning cryptocurrency trading and denying bank transfer to the crypto exchanges.

“The main idea with CryptoCasher was to make operations with cryptocurrency simple, fast, safe and anonymous that is not possible with centralized exchanges. Moreover, thanks to this revolutionary platform, people who don’t have bank accounts will be able to engage in crypto trading as well”, stated a leading spokesperson from CryptoCasher.

With CryptoCasher, the user will just have to download and install the app in his mobile which takes only a few seconds. Then, he will simply add his buy/sell point on the app map which will make him visible to other users. With the geolocation feature on the host mobile, the app will detect user’s current location automatically and help him to find out buyers or sellers nearby. Users can also use the CryptoCasher app to find buyers or sellers in any other part of the world. After both the parties have agreed on the price and escrow transaction fee/location, the buyer will go the escrow, scan the transaction QR code & cash in.

The escrow will then immediately release the cryptocurrency to buyer’s wallet. The seller will also instantly receive a notification that his cash is ready to be picked up. This way CryptoCasher facilitates P2P trading yet without the two parties having to meet each other.

Sell/Buy transaction is always insured by CRR tokens, which are locked on escrow account and released upon the deal being closed. So in any case of escrow failure to fulfill their obligations by paying out cash to the seller, he will be paid back from escrow reserve fund. Holding CRR tokens to guarantee deals and operate in the market creates a demand for our tokens.

Sending cash worldwide is now easy-using CryptoCasher, all you need to do is just sell a cryptocurrency in destination country, send your transaction code and escrow location to receiver for picking up the cash.

CryptoCasher stands out with a host of state of the art features:

-No risk of personal meeting between buyer & seller which assures safety for both parties

-Transactions through Automated Escrow Terminals for lower fees and no personal meeting at all

-Buying or selling crypto for cash which makes crypto-trading easier as cash is the most accepted payment method worldwide

-Different avenues of earning with– as cash trader, arbitrage trader, escrow service provider or CC traveler

-International cash transfers using cryptocurrency

-No loss of money during inflation with an instant swap to stable coin

Forget about banks all you need to be a part of cryptocurrency world is just CryptoCasher and cash!


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