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CoTrader is a blockchain platform which aims to solve the complexity of the investment management problems and has a roadmap planned to become the largest investment fund marketplace in the world. With CoTrader, the investors can now have their investments managed with absolute transparency, proof of returns on the past investments, and control of assets.

CoTrader’s MVP already supports cryptocurrency and is now also live on mainnet at and the Ethereum

Along with all this, the numerous benefits the investors will achieve with their investment in the CoTrader platform include:

  • CoTrader supports all types of tradable assets along with cryptos in major centralized exchanges with safe, decentralized points of access which is a smart escrow exchange point. It would only release funds for a broker on the significant centralized exchanges after the broker has sent the cryptos to the buyer. These smart escrows are helpful in supporting all non-tokenized tradable assets such as options, stocks, and many other derivatives. In this way, CoTrader tokenizes the entire exchange.
  • CoTrader is the first trustless ICO futures marketplace in the world which is smart contacts driven. Fund managers can enter ICO to take advantage of early discounts.
  • The core of the CoTrader platform is made up of smart contracts. Each investor who invests in the funds gets rewarded with a specific amount of shares which represent his total ownership of the same. The fund manager can now trade assets and make a profit for himself and the investors as well.
  • Anyone is allowed to create a smart fund on the platform of CoTrader and deposit tokens for his fund. The creator can even choose a name for his fund and set his performance fee.
  • CoTrader platform provides an infrastructure for SuperDEX which pools many DEXs together for maximizing liquidity along with power. All of this will be done on the dashboard of the fund manager on the platform of CoTrader and provide charts and tooling charts to make the best decisions for the fund.
  • When the fund managers acquire more and more assets, the CoTrader platform allows the investors and the fund managers to tokenize these assets in their portfolios.
  • The CoTrader platform for smart funds offers similar advantages to decentralized exchanges and cryptocurrencies which gives users full control over their assets. Users can withdraw their owned portions of their intelligent funds at any time without anyone else having the ability to do the same.
  • CoTrader smart funds can mint their share tokens. They can mint even those token which have not been yet sent from the ICO to the intelligent funds, or may have been addressed but are locked. They can effectively get traded through the CoTrader platform.

With unlimited benefits for both the investors and the fund managers, the CoTrader blockchain company offers new dimensions of flexibility and investment profitability in the future with almost no hidden aspects.

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