Developers of what could someday be described as the go-to platform for decentralized building, DAObet has decided to launch a testnet game dubbed the Game of Stakes to proof the security framework of its network by its validator ecosystem.

By so doing, DAObet intends to leverage the competitive spirit of every gamer or anyone adept at competition to ensure that upon launch of the mainnet, the system would have been tried and tested for robustness and stability.

A Game of Stakes

The Game of Stakes is an event designed by the DAObet platform where their testnet — a duplicate of their future mainnet — is exposed to attacks, code updates, and governance issues in order to ensure that the security framework of the DAObet blockchain is attack-proof.

Each participant in the event can win prizes in the course of completing ecosystem tasks. DAObet is staking about 500,000 BET tokens or 0.3% of the total issuance of BET tokens to incentivize its validator community to take part in the event. Only three winners who emerge with the most validator points will share in the bounty.

The game’s premise is simple. Validators will battle it out with others within the network, each doing their best to protect the network from both internal and external attacks and maintain optimum network operability at all times. All processes and actions will be logged on the blockchain, which will serve as important indicators on network performance.

The overall tasks for the validator while participating in the testnet game will include:

  • Produce blocks in a stable fashion. The signed blocks will be also award Validator Points.
  • Build a fault-tolerant infrastructure for the node and maintain its operation in as stable a manner as possible.
  • Cope with high loads and network attacks.
  • Update the software version quickly and conduct a hard fork together with other validators
  • Use the network, send transactions and understand the voting procedure.

Prospective validators can sign up using this form.

About DAObet

The DAObet blockchain is a gaming blockchain infrastructure modeled after the DPoS consensus algorithm, and depends on its network validators who use the RANDPA consensus protocol to ensure new blocks are created in concord with its network design state.

DAObet’s team is striving to create a blockchain ecosystem for iGaming 3.0, which comprises of both the robust infrastructural tools of distributed computing and decentralized manpower. The blockchain product is being designed to bolster an ecosystem of token holders, validators, and operators. All this in a bid to provide the gaming industry a secure and decentralized low-latency throughput blockchain; one that is fast and as well scalable for all foreseeable game designs.

Part of their strategy in providing the utmost service to the gaming industry also included a recent rebranding which saw a name change from DAO.Casino to DAObet in order to streamline its marketing efforts to its target niche.

The Game of Stakes event is supposed its next strategy and one step closer to achieving its goal, and as such, would require diligent participants to employ gamesmanship to consistently monitor their software status while scheming on the best defense strategies against malicious net attacks and ‘vile non-cartel’ validators.

All the required information to participate in the event is available on the GitBook resource for Validators.

To learn more about the DAObet platform visit the website:

Join the validators community on telegram here:

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