Dayta is an exciting new personal data service. Customers will be able to exchange access to their personal data for money, monitor businesses that hold their data and pick and choose which companies have that access.

Designed by data protection experts and marketing executives, the new Dayta service will work with businesses looking to increase transparency and trust in their data usage while gaining a closer relationship to their customers.

The Dayta mobile app will provide customers with the ability to locate and retrieve all businesses that hold their personal data. From this list, the Dayta service will enable customers to create new data sharing agreements and be paid directly to them for access to their personal data on a regular basis. There will also be a Dayta store built in that will allow customers to trade the use of their data for products and services they want from brands they love.

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Dayta will ensure all data exchanged is subject to smart contracts, providing customers with clear information on how their data will be used. With data security controls built in, customers can withdraw their consent at any time, as per the rights given to them by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The Dayta personal data trading exchange is built upon the principle that users should choose who has access to their data and to profit from its usage. While businesses spend hundreds of millions of dollars on marketing and advertising campaigns and expensive loyalty programmes, direct access to users themselves based on trust and mutual financial gain is at the centre of the Dayta ethos.

The CEO, Zumar Ahmed, a seasoned data protection professional, states:

“Dayta is about bringing data protection principles to the marketing and data industries in order to provide benefits to both customers and businesses. Customers can manage, protect and exchange their personal data with trusted businesses, enhancing their relationship prior to or as part of marketing activity.”

Dayta is based in the United Kingdom, fully committed to building a platform with a privacy-first methodology.

The investor stage of the ICO token sale has now started and all interest welcome. The pre-ICO runs from May 1st 2019 for two weeks (35% bonus), and the Public sale from May 20th, 2019 for four weeks (starting with an 18% bonus).

Download our Android prototype Dapp from the Google Play store at

Prototype mobile functions include:

  • Dashboard
  • Dayta Vault
  • My Consents
  • Dayta Store & Marketplace
  • Exchange Integrated DAYTA Wallet

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Dayta – My data, My choice

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