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The attention of crypto world has been riveted only on the declining market in recent days. Traders and contributors go to bed and wake up thinking about falling Bitcoin and altcoins. What will morning bring them: a further drop or a rebound? While newcomers are selling and true fans are hodling, others try to turn the situation to their advantage. How? They join giveaways!

The Japanese Nagezeni has announced the New Year trading contest where participants can win Lamborghini, premium watches, and Ethereum worth of 160.5 ETH in total. This competition promises to become the most grandiose event of 2018. Nagezeni launches the campaign to celebrate the listing of its NZE token on CoinSuper, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia.

The large trading competition starts on December 3 and will last only 14 days till December 17.

Any person may participate in this сampaign where more than 1000 people will become winners. Users should only buy and sell NZE tokens on CoinSuper exchange during the contest. The win-win formula is quite simple – the more you trade, the more you’ll get. Note that NZE tokens are now traded in two pairs – NZE/BTC and NZE/ETH.

The champion of the contest will get a brand new Lamborghini Huracán, while others of TOP-5 winners will be awarded premium watches and Ethereum coins: exclusive pairs of Audemars Piguet, Harry Winston, Franck Muller, and Rolex. The detailed breakdown of the prizes is available on Nagezeni website.

According to the contest rules, users who bought more than sold will be included in the campaign automatically. Only transactions made during the competition will be counted. To ensure fairness and transparency of the contest, the volume of market-makers and contra-trades, as well as the volume of zero-fee accounts, will not be taken into consideration.

The winners will be announced one working day after the contest. Rewards will be distributed among them within 7 working days after the campaign. Important: top 25 winners must complete the KYC process within 7 days after the winner announcement.

The organizers are sure – the New Year exciting competition is what the gloomy market needs right now. Especially, when it’s hosted on such a well-known exchange as CoinSuper. The platform is one of the largest not only in Asia, but worldwide and is included in the TOP 30 digital exchanges according to Coinmarketcap. CoinSuper’s monthly trading volume reaches almost $5 billion!

“The bearish cryptocurrency market has thrown us a challenge. We don’t want to succumb to panic or just sit and wait. We’d like to shake the industry and enter a positive note. We throw down our own gauntlet. The motto of our campaign is “Your challenge. Your Lambo”. Use your opportunity to win Lambo and other valuable prizes. Join the race on December 3!” the Nagezeni team invites users to participate in their contest.

Only 14 days to win a Lamborghini. Take up your chance, trade NZE and become a champion!
To learn more about the competition and the terms, visit the official websites of Nagezeni and CoinSuper, follow Nagezeni project on Twitter and Facebook, as well as ask your questions on Telegram.

About Nagezeni

Founded in 2016, Nagezeni is working on a blockchain-based solution that will allow various bloggers, artists, and other online content creators to receive tipping and donations from their fans in NZE tokens. It acts as a social coin for upvoting blog posts or pieces of art and supporting talented authors. Creators will be able to spend the received digital money on advertising and promotion, as well as launch their own crowdfunding campaigns on the Nagezeni platform. Based on enhanced Bitcoin blockchain, these transactions will be quick, secure, cheap, and scalable.

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