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Chicken out or Bird in? Welcome to the new feathery crypto family!

What is ETH Birds

ETH Birds is a new decentralized gaming platform that will appeal to both cryptocurrency enthusiasts, traders and crypto games fans. Build your own collection, make a profit, have FUN!

As you can see, the game is about Birds 🙂

The Magic Numbers

The magic of the numbers is based on a unique 51-digit code. The smaller each number of the genome, the more valuable your pet is. Each block of digits in the code corresponds with a certain characteristic of the pet.

The code also plays the lead when it comes to mini-games. Your success is defined by how a Bird’s code correlates with the platform’s one, thus making sure that each Bird of every level can get the prize if you choose the lucky game.

In addition, when buying a Bird, it is possible to get a pet with a satisfying-looking code, which also potentially increases its cost on the marketplace.

Better. Faster. Stronger.

ETH Birds allows players to expand their collection not only by adding in new, more valuable creatures but by upgrading the pets that they already have.

There are seven levels to choose from. Each one is rarer, thus more valuable than the previous — and of course better looking. The best thing is that you can improve your faves — even when purchasing a Level 7, everyone has a chance to uplevel it to Level 1!

To upgrade a pet, users can either mate it with the one of a higher level or use a Magic Plate. Therefore, a player’s main goal in the game is to uplevel their pet to the max.

Of course, you can breed and trade them, but it is far from all.


Mini-games are the sub-platforms inside the main ETH Birds game with a multi-level reward system. As of now, we are confident to say that they are going to be the main source of entertainment and profit in the game.

Varying from races or sports managers to the fortune’s wheel, we are determined to provide our players with a wide variety of mini-games so that everyone would find their cup of tea.

Mini-games fall into three categories: competitive, gambling and social gaming. Stay tuned to find out more about mini-games in our Medium.


During the presale, in addition to an egg with a Bird, a player will be rewarded with a certain amount of tokens with every purchase.

Tokens are the ETH Birds in-game currency necessary for purchasing in-game items and participating in mini-games. These tokens are special because after the first stages you won’t be able to just buy them.

The tokens are very handy as an in-game currency, they give the players more opportunities to be entertained and get profit. But besides having access to in-game goodies, the tokens can be sold back into the system via one click, thus giving you instant profit. The price of each token is 1/20 ETH.

Nowadays you can get tokens as a bonus while buying any egg on the PreSale. The number of tokens depends on a level of a purchased egg.

The market is autonomous and self-regulated due to the carefully developed system. Overpopulation is regulated by the price increase algorithm, which maintains each pets’ value.

The Blockchain system ensures that a bred Bird or a bought egg remains with the user forever until they decide to re-sell it.


ETH Birds is developed by Molotov Lab in collaboration with Zoo Mania game development studio. The creators take great interest in the Blockchain technology, working towards making it easily accessible to any online user worldwide.

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