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The emergence of Blockchain has opened more new opportunities for you to become immortal in people’s thoughts.

What Is EverLife.AI?

EverLife.AI is a new blockchain-based peer-to-peer network offering you an opportunity to help you create your own immortal avatar to connect and collaborate with millions of other avatars available online.

Currently, this avatar works on behalf of you and get paid with a native token of EverLife.AI network called “Ever Token”. Your avatar will be able to acquire some of your skills that will allow it to pay on the network through some tasks. Therefore, your avatar will continue to work on your behalf and make money for you in your absence.

Thus, a replica of your personality is surely reflected in the avatar. What’s more, the network also prevents everyone from manipulating or terminating your avatar. Therefore, one unique feature of this network is that it allows you to connect your avatar seamlessly with the avatars of your family and friends. By which, it will be easier for your beloveds to recognize who you are and what you stand for.

Understanding The Technicalities Of EverLife.AI Network

With this network, you are able to connect with your avatar through chat interface which is called “Chat Client” and built on platforms like Telegram and Messenger. This interface makes the interaction between Avatars and users possible wherever and whenever. Moreover, there also have a dialogue mechanism that allows this communication between users and avatars to be productive and smooth.

Additionally, if users want to send their avatar on the EverLife.AI marketplace, they can buy the needed skills. By using the Ever token, all transactions in this marketplace are done.

The Ever Token

The Ever Token is the native token of the EverLife.AI network. This token (serves as both a currency and a utility) give you an easy access to numerous services and products available on the EverLife.AI network.

Use Cases Of The Ever Token:

+ For tips and rewards

+ For the transaction commission paid with Ever

+ For the payments of goods and services which run on smart contracts

+ As an advertising fees

To Be Listed On Coinbene

The planned listing will be happening this September, and it will allow you to trade your Ever tokens to other cryptocurrencies. Because CoinBene owns a huge number of crypto pairs, users have multiple choices.

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