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A blockchain network bringing profits to drivers who save and share energy.

Zug, Switzerland, September 27, 2018 — EVAIO showcased their decentralized electric vehicle (EV) application platform at CryptoValley Labs. Sponsored by Uotton, a high-end Swiss e-commerce company aiming to deliver luxury personal goods to China using 3D printers. The event featured guests from IBM, Google Swiss and Forbes magazine.

“Presently, the EV industry lacks safe and secure digital payment solutions that are cross-brand compatible. EVAIO brings that solution while also rewarding drivers for the valuable data they generate”, says former Tesla EMEA leader and EVAIO CEO Patrick de Potter. “We are building applications that will reshape the future of driver interaction with the EV and self-driving vehicle market. We were excited for the opportunity to present these applications in Zug, the center of the crypto blockchain revolution.”

Raymond Lau, Chief Blockchain Development Officer of EVA.IO pointed out that “EVA lays the foundations for the autonomic driving industry through their digital application, pushing aside the need for drivers to carry a hard wallet or cash.”

The EVAIO team, many of whom are former Tesla employees, also discussed their experience in the EV business to help attendees visualize the reality of the self-driving EV future and the solutions needed to bring that technology to the forefront. Through the EVAIO mobile application, EV owners will not only be rewarded for selling their data but also have access to peer-to-peer charging stations regardless of the brand of vehicle they use.

Attendees learned how blockchain technology will be leveraged to monetize EV data so that drivers can profit from their usage information instead of giving it away for free in the one-way data economy plaguing users of digital applications and networks today. EVAIO presented their vision, roadmap, and team for audience to learn from and meet the individuals bringing real-world applications for blockchain technology.

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