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After an initial investment of 2 MN USD, Gabrotech has now received an additional 3 MN USD from one of the world’s quickest, agile and most reasonable cryptocurrency platform While Gabrotech stands to gain from the legacy of, the latter will also be able to provide additional benefits of buying GBO tokens to their clients. Such a partnership is one of it’s kind and advocates the merits of both the projects while working collaboratively.

This additional investment comes at a crucial time for Gabrotech, as it continues to generate more traction and funding through it’s ICO. An amount as huge as 3MN, from a reputable industry name like can provide a fillip to Gabrotech’s ICO performance as well. With a differentiated offering of developing an ecosystem for Loyalty rewards program where both companies offering loyalty programs and participants can interact freely so as to seamlessly facilitate the rewards and redemption of loyalty rewards, Gabrotech has already been one of the top-rated ICOs on rating platforms in the last three months. One of the key achievements has been, getting featured in the monthly newsletter of in the month of July. From a roadmap standpoint, Gabrotech has shown the zeal and vigour to achieve all the stated objectives and is in the final stages of developing its Gabrotech wallet so as to manage multiple rewards program. Also, the long-awaited Gabrotech debit card is nearing completion and may be launched in the market very soon.

The partnership with has been not only provided the investment required to boost project execution but also created a lot of credibility for the project in such a short time span. Also, in a difficult market as exists right now, Gabrotech has emerged as one of the few high performing and well deserving projects. In the CEO Andy Chen’s words, “This is great news for the whole team, all of whom have worked incredibly hard in these few months. We are very excited that our effort has been recognized by and that they are fully supporting us in bringing a revolution to the loyalty rewards industry.”

This type of an investment attracts eyeballs globally and that is what Gabrotech would plan to leverage in order to bring their goals to fruition. Irrespective of what the markets have to say about the current state of ICOs, Gabrotech is here to stay in building long-term closely knit blockchain based solutions for the world.

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