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There are many gaming crypto projects which want to put in-game items on the blockchain but there is on project that has a much more ambitious goal (and the background to pull it off). GameChain is launching a custom chain to support gamers and developers in a number of ways.

What is GameChain?

It’s a blockchain-agnostic platform for gamers being developed by the people who worked on games like the successful MMO “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. They are supported by EOS Gravity, the largest EOS community in the world.

They have smart contracts, atomic swaps and a set of tools to help game developers work on-chain.

Let us look at some of the features that make this tech unique.

1. Get rewarded as you play and use the tools provided

Users generate and establish reputation points. This means that every time you perform an action or an interaction, when you contribute to the community, you are actually building something along the way.

The more you are contributing, the more rewards you get.

2. You can connect with other gamers directly

The technology offers live streaming capabilities and social capabilities where you can stream and comment on live games. You can also message and chat with friends while playing. If you know how to use Facebook social feeds, you will know how to navigate on GameChain.

3. ICO and stable currencies

There is no more hassle to get your game out on the market. If you host a Crowdsale, the community and supporters have the opportunity to examine your past work. That way, they can determine with ease whether they would want to buy your game, test or participate in a Crowdsale. Developers have the option to accept the contributions using a variety of cryptocurrencies available.

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