It did not take much more than a snide comment by Enzio Ferarri to compel Ferruccio Lamborghini, a tractor manufacturer, to go on and build one of the most amazing super cars in history. Exotic, powerful and named after prized fighter bulls, these cars have become a status symbol. From the rich to the powerful, a Lamborghini is one super car that is a must have.

These iconic super cars have been associated with the crypto world for the longest time and in 2018, these Italian exotics were a part of the Coindesk Consensus Conference, charming the attendees with their throaty idle engines at the New York Hilton Midtown entrance. Asks: Want to Own One? is a pioneer in crypto faucets, with the platform having 25,100,000 registered users and distributed a whopping 187,000 in BTC since its inception in 2013. Famous for its reward packages for users, the team has decided to give all users the chance to own their dream supercar.

Lamborghinis are a symbol of status for millionaires. With the crypto market exploding in the last couple of years, crypto millionaires have been quick to get their hands on these Italian steeds. The exotic car brand has become synonymous with the crypto world. Taking this into account, is now offering its users to have a chance to drive their very own Lamborghini Huracan.

The contest involves participants buying or earning Golden Tickets to a fair lottery contest with the grand prize being the Huracan.

How To Get Golden Tickets

The Golden Ticket Contest is very simple. Anyone can take part in this, new and old users alike:

  • For new users, signing up is required.
  • Collect the free BTC or deposit in wallet.
  • Bet on events or play the Hi Lo dice game.
  • With every 0.005 BTC used for betting or the dice game, users get a Golden Ticket.
  • Users can also buy the Golden Tickets for 25,000 satoshi.
  • Users can have multiple Golden Tickets.
  • Winner will be announced through a lottery.

The Golden Ticket Contest has already attracted a huge crowd, with more than 3,000,000 tickets already acquired.


The oldest bitcoin faucet in the world, has been serving its users since 2013. The platform offers multiple ways for users to earn Bitcoin, including betting and other games. The success of the platform is in its ability to maintain fair distribution of BTC using its ingenious algorithm.

The platform believes that success lies in having a good user satisfaction program. The Golden Ticket Contest is a culmination of that belief. The grand prize winner will own a V10, 5.7 litre engine sports car that can achieve 0 – 100 KPH in less than 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 341 km/h.

For more information on how to win a Lamborghini, visit the website:

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