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As all we know, the technology of Blockchain is progressing rapidly in developed countries such as USA and Europe. However, rapid development can’t bring benefits to developing countries.

That’s why HOFA want to build up a new empire of Blockchain in Africa. Great times, great changes and great development will arrive soon. By forming an operational system based on the developing countries, HOFA radiating the whole world and connecting the seven continents.

With the increasing variety of digital assets, the management difficulty of digital assets gradually increases, and security, privacy, and convenience cannot be guaranteed. It still lacks a mobile multi-asset wallet for solving the storage problems of all assets, providing instant messaging and mobile payment in the Blockchain Era. Hofa is the next general of payment tools and social software to edge out Whatsapp, PayPal and Apple Pay.

HFCT(HofaCoin) and Hofachat rises in response to the proper time and conditions and created a new page in the history of Blockchain. Unlike other Cryptocurrency, HFCT(HofaCoin) was born with a silver spoon, which we called Hofachat, a mobile instant messaging app based on the blockchain. With its unique decentralized distributed technology and highly secure encryption service, Hofachat ensures free global chat. Hofachat is an Ethereum wallet and supports mobile wallet in digital currencies such as ETH & HFCT.

Adhering to the concept of “leading and creating virtual economy, integrating resources of multiple-fields”. Hofachat is an intelligent blockchain ecological platform based on social interaction, finance, industry, service and sharing economy. It is a one-stop service platform integrating social, business and blockchain, we are committed to building a diversified, globalized and intelligent blockchain alliance ecosystem.

The platform currency of Hofachat is HFCT(HofaCoin), it has a POS(proof of stake) mining mechanism. Yields rate ranged from 0.25% to 0.35% daily. The benefits of this are obvious, the more HFCT you hold, the more daily income you will get. It will not be a dream to become the next Warren Buffett or Aliko Dangote.

So do you share HFCT(HofaCoin) to others, when your friends download HofaChat APP hold HFCT, he will also get the benefits the above mentioned, and you will get the sharing revenue, according to the amount of HFCT held by your friends, you will get this sharing benefits every day!

Hofachat is developed based on the blockchain technology which can fully guarantee the financial security of users.HFCT is committed to becoming the creator of human financial freedom. In the near future, HFCT digital assets can be linked to various digital currencies in international trading platforms, and HFCT will provide a medium for high-quality crowdfunding projects.

Hofachat perfectly integrates social network, shopping mall, Internet and blockchain. With the global payment function of digital currency, it will be popularized all over the world. The more people enjoy Hofachat, the higher the value of HFCT will be.

Hofachat will create your own business empire for you. When you use hofachat to build your social circle, chat with your friends, shopping will also bring you great wealth!

HFCT(Hofacoin) is now listing on Btrise Exchange, an Artificial Intelligence Digital Asset Exchange. The value of Hofacoin will be infinite.

Hofa will create a network of life and business electronic entrepreneurial community! Now comes the age of applied digital currency. Now comes the age of HOFA.

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