Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned a world in which each individual would have control over his or her own money and essentially, their life. As people started finding different applications of the technology, the industry took off and today, there are literally thousands of blockchain platforms that offer different services, ranging from games to shipping companies. hybrix is a non-profit blockchain developer that offers a solution to the increasingly splintered industry.

Crypto Unity

To push its agenda of stopping potential crypto civil strife, hybrix embarked on a unique dissemination method during the San Francisco Blockchain Week. The call to action was done through the classical way of handing out individual invitation letters. Rather than use emails or messaging platforms to reach out, connecting with people through gold sealed letters reflected the mission of the platform to provide a single space where different platforms, developers and users can take advantage of a united people.

Like a scene out of a movie, representatives of hybrix covered their faces with masks from Phantom of the Opera, appearing out of the blue, handing out the invitations and vanishing into the crowds. The masked individuals and the intricately adorned invitation cards created intrigue and a buzz among the attendees of the San Francisco Blockchain Week. Thus was the call made upon the industry to unite and return to the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto.

From Decentralized to Defragmented

For users, blockchain has presented solutions that have made lives easier. On the other hand, with so many platforms, the industry is in disarray today. Each blockchain platform has its own ecosystem. A user may need to rely on one for daily banking services, another one for data protection/transfer and then another one for entertainment purposes, with each having its own unique token. This results in users holding multiple assets at the same time. This can become even more complicated if access to acquiring the tokens means being registered on different exchanges.

For decentralized application (dApp) developers, this also presents a dilemma: which platform to use? Developing applications is a time and energy-intensive process. DApps can be built on more than one blockchain system, but each decentralized system with its own unique characteristics and limitations, this means the dApp needs to be tailored made for each system.

hybrix’s Unity

hybrix is a non-profit organization that offers flexible blockchain solutions, allowing developers to connect to multiple ecosystems at the same time. Currently, the organization allows the development of applications and systems on more than 31 different blockchains through one tool.

Launched in 2014, the platform aims at uniting the blockchain industry, rather than push for its own version of a system as a default. The platform has already raised more than USD 3,000,000 without the need for seed capital. hybrix offers nodes, tools, and software for developers and other blockchain systems to start using its unique interconnectivity protocols.

For more information on how to take part in crypto unity, visit the hybrix website here.

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