MPHONE is a grandiose ICO project, the main goal of which is development, production and sale of innovative smartphone Mining-phone. We provide every wishing person with the opportunity to join our project and get profit from several directions of activity.
The MPHONE company works in the format of a crowdfunding project to enable financial interaction with potential investors.

Our task is an incremental development of the world’s first Blockchain-smartphone with a set of three unique functions in one device.

With our smartphone you can:

  • carry out mining of digital currencies;
  • trade cryptocurrencies;
  • securely store personal data thanks to the unique AES encryption algorithm with a 256-bit key, TwoFish chip and call encryption!

Our experts have prepared an excellent investment offer for each project participant.

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Each investor will be able to receive daily 1% of the profit from the amount of his Deposit within 365 days

Investors also have the opportunity to purchase the local currency MPH (virtual tokens), which will constantly increase in price as the capitalization of MPHONE grows. Upon completion of the ICO phase, virtual currency can be exchanged for real money.

Do not miss the opportunity to become part of a successful and growing company MPHONE. After all, with us, the technologies of the future are becoming much more accessible!

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