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Would you like to participate in a study that helps further the understanding of bitcoin ownership?

Right now there is no clarity on who owns bitcoin and why. This, combined with the difficulties newcomers face in simply understanding what cryptocurrencies are and how they can be used, presents a significant barrier to wider adoption.

The sensationalist reporting of mainstream media exacerbates the issue, with an unhealthy focus on price movement or unfounded stereotypes. The ‘Who’s Buying Bitcoin’ study aims to challenge those misperceptions through a data-driven piece of ground-breaking research based on interviews with, and surveys of, real crypto users.

Our aim is to describe in quantitative terms who own coin, why they chose to invest and what they do with them. This world-first meaningful study of crypto-ownership personas will help anyone invested in the industry to validate their ideas, as well as allow curiosity seekers to clearly conceptualize and understand the crypto ecosystem.

If you’re a crypto owner, help us to build as comprehensive a data set as possible by completing our survey. It takes less than 7 minutes to complete and is entirely anonymous.
In return, you will receive:

  • Our press pack, a full week before other media outlets

  • Priority access to further data and our expert analysts

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