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Established in 2010 and employing over 250 staff, KamaGames is the largest European social, mobile poker platform and one of the fastest growing social casino operators in the world. KamaGames’ award-winning flagship title, Pokerist, has been the #1 grossing app in 101 countries on the App Store and one of the top 5 grossing apps in 45 countries on Google Play.

In 2017, the company reported a gross profit of $57.5 million, an increase of 63% from 2016, as well as a rise in Daily Active Users (DAU) to 530,000. H1 2018 improved on these impressive results with DAU increasing 2-fold as compared to H1 2017 and gross revenue growing by 53% in the same period from the already strong base of $57.5M in 2017.

KamaGames’ games are played across the world, including Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and India, where the company has established a successful partnership with regional experts.

Regarding China, social casino games are not yet banned, and there is still no official position on that from the government, only speculation. Until KamaGames receives official guidance from the government of China, the company will continue to operate as usual, giving access to their games to Chinese citizens.

KamaGames is launching this unique initiative to not only attract a new, additional audience but to also reward their existing players. The KGT token will use a widely utilized by other tokens technology — Ethereum. The KGT sale will create an opportunity to purchase in-game virtual currency at a significantly lucrative rate and to also receive additional bonus chips every day for the following 6 months.

KamaGames always tries to offer something new and exciting to their players, and the launch of the KGT is a perfect example of this. The company sees this as a fantastic opportunity to not only thank their players but also to show how KamaGames is passionate about embracing new technologies. In fact, KamaGames is the first social casino ever to offer a bespoke cryptocurrency to their players.

The KamaGames Token will be exchangeable only for in-game virtual currency at any time, using an official KamaGames player account. Players will then be able to redeem the free chips awarded daily along with any other discounts, bonuses or services that the company may offer. Those who leave their tokens untouched will be rewarded with a maximum 11-fold growth over time.

It should be noted that KamaGames Tokens (KGT) is not an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the conventional sense. KamaGames are providing a Token Sale, which uses crypto technology, but should not be confused with an ICO. The Token Sale was not established to generate funds from investors, but rather provide a new way for KamaGames’ players to gain in-game currency.

ICO and Token Sales are usually used as synonyms, and both considered as fundraising events. While ICO is a first coin offering the token sale is literally a sale of tokens with whatever goal. This is a supply of services on which KamaGames is paying VAT, in fact, they are the first in the world to do so during the sale of utility tokens.

Unlike other blockchain-themed games, the KamaGames Token comes with absolutely no risk and will not reduce in value if something is to happen to the leading global cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

KamaGames’ flagship title, Pokerist, is currently at the 3rd spot within social poker mobile games, alongside Zynga Poker and WSOP from Playtika. The company works hard every day to compete with and overtake the competition by experimenting with and adding new, unique features.

In 2017, the company’s gross revenue figure reached $57.5 million, an increase of 63.4% based on 2016’s value of $35.2 million, driven by the expansion of their portfolio. Over the last year, there has been a significant increase in the Average Revenue Per Paying User (ARPPU), the share of paying users, and the number of DAUs, which has positioned KamaGames consistently within close reach and even sometimes out-performing its nearest competition.

The social casino games market is continuously growing and is one of the most lucrative genres of the broader mobile games market with social casino games holding top grossing positions in both the App Store and Google Play charts.

According to the Q3 2017 “Social Casino Report” from SuperData, the global mobile and web online social casino games in 2017 has reached $3.2 billion, which represents an 11% increase from 2016.

According to the latest Newzoo insight, in 2018, the mobile games market will generate $70.3 billion which is 51% of the overall global games market. Finally, data from Statista reports that social casino revenue worldwide is estimated to reach $5.89 billion by 2022.