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“I’ve seen many different cryptogames, and I don’t think anything can surprise me. But after THIS ONE, my world turned upside down.” — Anonymous

Hurry up and take a chance to maximize profit and become the first participant in a closed Presale!

Disclaimer: Why believe in the word, if it’s much better to check for yourself?

So much time had passed since our first post.

Now we are ready to dive much deeper with you.

ETH Birds AirDrop caused quite a stir in the crypto community. We received more than 160k applications and more than 97k members in the ETH Birds Telegram chat.

WE ARE NOT LIKE OTHER PROJECTS. We provide profit, fun and blockchain solutions for developers and crypto enthusiast. We satisfy everyone’s needs… We working ice cold, nice and dandy.

And now we are ready to go deeper. How about you?

Currently, we are very close to the BIG LAUNCH. All information below.


Fact #1

Inhabitants of the ETH Birds universe worship their deity, the ETH Chuah. ETH Chuah created the apostles — 1000 noble Birds that were created to develop and manage the universe of ETH Birds.

Each month, the apostles gather to issue new decrees and receive tributes from all the animals.

The first users who will make first 1000 purchases will receive a share of the company, which depends on number of your Birds and their levels. This means you will get a commission from all operations.

You can submit corporate votes to exchange gas for breeding and other useful things.

The more Birds, the more profit.

In fact, we provide our users with management and profit from the project. This allows anyone the ability to develop the project to make blockchain great again.

Fact #2

Every newcomer should pay tribute to his predecessors for their efforts.

By purchasing a Bird on pre-sale, you automatically become one of the first members in the referral system because of the tributes of newcomers.

Not enough for you? Let’s continue

Fact #3

The ETH Chuah created the apostles — 1000 noble Birds that were created to develop and manage the universe of ETH Birds.

The number of birds in the ETH Birds project is extremely limited. The Birds’ value increases with the popularity of the game. Breed your birds by getting new species and selling them on the marketplace. Become a breeder, receive a unique mutated pet and generate superprofits.

Still reading? Other fellas are buying new Birds right now!

You can buy 4 types of eggs on Presale: eggs of level 7, eggs of level 6, eggs of level 5 and eggs of level 4. There is a big difference between each level; each one becoming more advanced, rare, and valuable.

HUGE DISCOUNTS start at 75% and decrease to 0% with time.

The pre-sale is already live, if you read this, and there is a chance that the discount has been changed. Hurry up!

Unique Birds

There will be available 50 unique Birds with super rare gene and special unique possibilities. Increase your chance of victory with your own unique pet. Unique Birds don’t have ZOO token bonus.

Fact #4

During the presale, in addition to an egg with a Bird, a player will be rewarded with a certain amount of ZOO tokens with every purchase.

ZOO token holders can sell their tokens back to the system with one click. We called it ingeniously — “ZOO Exchanger”.

ZOO Exchanger works like a common currency exchange in any city worldwide. You can buy or sell ZOO tokens according to its exchange rate.

The first participants will have a priority place for withdrawing ZOO tokens from the system.

We remind you that the price of a ZOO token is 0.05 ETH. The token cannot be traded on stock exchanges; however, they can be exchanged inside the ETH Birds site. ZOO is necessary for buying in-game items.

Fact #5

The ETH Birds universe is built on the concepts of peace and equality. Goods abound everywhere. There is no need to work. The sole source of joy is participating in various competitions.

Follow the link to join Presale:

With love,

ETH Birds Team.

Look out for MORE in the coming articles.

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