Fundamentally changing how humanity is looking at data storage and transmission, blockchain tech has all the characteristics to be hailed as a part of the 4th industrial revolution. Furthermore, it has shown in the last ten years that it is flexible, adaptable, secure and efficient.

Meeting Resistance

Even with all the benefits promised by blockchain technology, its adoption is still very slow. Many firms and organizations are still apprehensive about the technology, due to several reasons.

Not all companies are technologically adept. They may not understand the blockchain technology itself and the fear of the unknown can be a powerful deterrent. The financial aspect of shifting to decentralized technology is another factor. Sometimes the cost of abandoning legacy systems can be too much for a company to bear in the short term.

It doesn’t help as well that the technology is still new and that means there are not many developers around. The shortage of good blockchain programmers is itself a big hurdle.

The Ten Billion Coin Solution

Ten Billion Coin is a blockchain platform that has been launched to counter these issues and to help Chinese companies start using blockchain. The platform intends to lower the barrier of entry for companies through giving a pre-built blockchain ecosystem. The Ten Billion Coin platform provides multiple users, such as financial reporting, product verification, customer handling and even supply chain management.

The Ten Billion Coin network mission is very clear. It wants to help ordinary companies get on board the blockchain train and integrate the technology as a tool, just like the internet and e-commerce did in the 1990s.

Growing Partnerships

Ten Billion Coin has already made significant progress with its strategic partnerships with prominent organizations. In one month, it was able to bring on board Institute of Southeast Guizhou Province Hospital, a tumor research organization, and XiaYi ShengTai YingRan Technology Industrial Park.

Ten Billion Coin now proudly announces its third partnership with NanTong Wonder Petro-Chemical Engineering Company. The engineering company has worked with major petrochemical giants such as Shell, DuPont, British Petroleum and ExxonMobil. The successful partnership with such a large firm just goes to show how important others are viewing its mission of blockchain onboarding. With this, the Ten Billion Coin project is swiftly becoming the backbone for Chinese firms to make their move to blockchain.

Triple IEO

The Ten Billion Coin project is also announcing a three-pronged Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). The platform will launch its offerings simultaneously on three different exchanges, LAToken, P2PB2B and VinDax on 28th August, 2019. Tokens are available at a rate of USD 0.005 = 1 YiBaiYi (YBY).

Among the three exchanges, 4 billion YBY will be available through LAToken, and 1 billion each through P2PB2B and VanDax. This means that the Ten Billion Coin platform is making 60% of its total supply available to traders and backers at a single time, allowing them to take part in one of the most powerful projects ever to grace the blockchain industry.

For more information on the onboarding platform and its IEOs, visit their website:

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