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Mars Blockchain Summit NYC 2018 was successfully held in New York on October 18, Eastern Standard Time. This unrivaled event was hosted by Mars Finance and co-hosted by Consensus Lab, Liaoyuan, Crypto Capital, Sharp Eye Capital, EUB Chain, and DFG. Joint by well-known financial institutions and industry leaders from both China and Wall Street, guests engaged in deep dialogues to explore what’s next in blockchain.

Fred Wang, the Founder of Mars Finance: three trending directions in blockchain look promising.

To summarize Mars Finance’s future direction, Wang says, “there are three industry buzzwords that we take very seriously, and they also represent three important directions. First, the information service of blockchain, with a broader scope, is far more than the media information provided by Mars finance. Second, blockchain financial services, which we will get involved quite heavily through acquiring shares, incubation and other means. This will include the digital currency portfolio manager BitUniverse and the cryptocurrency bank CoinBank we partnered with. Third, industry blockchain transformation is another focus for Mars Finance, through promoting the transformation and upgrading traditional industries with blockchain technology.”

Chuanwei Zou, Chief Economist of Bitmain: only stablecoin projects with transparency and regulatory compliance are likely to succeed

We need to pay attention to two things. The first is portfolio restructuring, in which investors sell shoddy stable currencies in exchange for mainstream ones to hedge against risk. The second problem is the liquidity shortage. If the quality of the stabilizer shrinks, the holders of the stabilizer will adjust their investment positions and get the dollars they have there from the issuers, which will have a huge impact on the whole cryptocurrency market.

David d.Namdar, Partner at GalaxyDigital: there is great hope for innovative projects in Asia

I think the Asian market is very vibrant and driving. Objectively speaking, I want to choose companies that we think will achieve something and optimize our process, which is the most important thing.

Dong Li, Founder of GoWithMi: we are the world’s first “map public chain”

GoWithMi’s goal is to create a decentralized and shared global economic infrastructure map. The direction chosen by GoWithMi is to support the sharing economy with decentralized maps, which has great social value. GoWithMi is a vertical public chain, not a general public chain with pure competitive performance. GoWithMi is the supporting capacity of specific business scenarios.

Keith Azzopardi, Embassador of Malta to the United States: Malta will rapidly grow into a blockchain country

Currently there are three innovations in regulation in Malta, and we have established corresponding technology bills, bill of rights and regulation bills that can ensure the free development of blockchain enterprises. Malta is not the first country to develop blockchain technology, but we have perfect supporting infrastructure.

We should take a fresh look at stablecoin, procedural regulation, Fintech and etc.

Angela Angelovska-Wilson: The future regulation will be computerized, and if the company breaks the rules, the computer will immediately start the program to enforce regulations to limit and punish those actions. I think blockchain technology can help us build more robust regulatory mechanisms, and it’s not our enemy.

To embrace STO, you must embrace regulation

Lingxiao Yang:STO is not the solution to everything. So maybe the whole industry’s focus is on infrastructure, and maybe when we look at the longer term, building infrastructure first, we should give them a little bit of time, and they need to understand what the market’s need.

The emergence of stablecoin has held back the growth of cryptocurrency

Jeffrey: I don’t think that the currency is an asset class. I am more concerned about is the future of its development space, the world demand for encryption currency will only be more and more, I think that by far the most dominant encryption currency or COINS, the practicability of the currency will be getting better and better.

Adam Cai, Head of CoinBank North America: Five years later, CoinBank will play an important role in the field of finance

After entering into the 21st century, more and more traditional Banks begin to shift in the direction of the development of coin bank. We’re seeing more and more capital flowing into coin bank. Digital banking will play a bigger role in finance.

The significance of stablecoin is mainly reflected in the payment field, and transparency is crucial

Sarah Olsen: Bitcoin and stable currencies are different products. Bitcoin integrates economics and technology, so it is more like an investment product. GUSD and bitcoin are two very different products.

Probably need to speed up DApp by a million times

Steven Haft: Killer app will change the flow of capital across the globe, benefit the billions of people who cannot benefit on the Internet.

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