Paris, France, March 20, 2019 — monart bring Art in a new Era, and become the 21st century Christies. monart wants to disrupt the current 67.4 billion $ a year art market, and to open this market to the wider public. monart’s objective is to reach 1.6% market share after 5 years.

“monart want to become the 21st century Christies,” says Malo Girod de l’Ain, President of monart. How can monart achieve it?

By disrupting the art market

“The contemporary art market is today opaque, very closed, with little traceability and not very accessible to buyers and art lovers” says Pauline Houline, co-founder of monart, based in Beijing.

At first, monart aims to record each piece of art on the Blockchain, to certify and validate it, to make copies impossible and make transactions more open and traceable. Then, monart will create a cryptocurrency, the “MART” (based on the Ethereum standard), to open a new market, convert this cryptocurrency into fiat currencies, and bring security to the art market.

At last, monart is launching a Security Token Offering (STO*). Half of the STO*’s revenues will be invested in a large art collection whose gross profits are 100% paid to token holders, who will receive an additional 10% share of the large monart marketplace transactions gross profits, not to mention many privileges including private sales, discount sales, exclusive art collection creation, VIP events invitations and more.

By transforming the artistic experience

monart open a complete eco-system that includes art lovers, artists, and their works, galleries, professionals, institutions, services around art (insurance, transport, …), as well as related fields (design, photography, fashion …), art venues … “We want to transform the artistic experience to discover artist’s universes & artworks both physical and online, real and AR, 3D &VR, and more” adds Malo Girod de l’Ain. Discover our 3D virtual expo visible on PC, phone, VR headsets… and a virtual tour through Bernard Garo’s great studio:

monart allow investing on several art works at the same time through thematic, international or targeted collections (for example on emerging European artists, Asian confirmed artists, …) and sell shares of these collections through smart contracts (secure contracts on the Blockchain).

At last, “we want support and assist artists in their development with the “monart Art Accelerator Initiative. monart has created a growing monart Art Accelerator Initiative to provide funds for innovative art projects. The AAI will provide grants, promotions, and exhibitions to selected artists worldwide,” precises Pauline Houl, monart co-founder and CEO. “We hope to foster a welcoming community among both art collectors and artists through the monart platform.”

By launching a STO*

To finance the development of the 21st-century artistic platform combining blockchain and digital, monart is conquering investors around the world by launching the first stage of a STO* (Security Token Offering). “This private STO*” should enable us to attract the first international investors interested in our project to offer all art lovers, artists, creators, galleries, curators, auction houses from all over the world… a real marketplace to promote contemporary art in all its forms (physical, digital, etc.), says Malo Girod de l’Ain. “This first step will allow us to finalize the MVP and launch the monart art collection, whose expert committee includes Christie’s former director of contemporary art,” concludes Pauline Houl.

* The monart Token Offering is using security token infrastructure even though it is named a VFA -Virtual Financial Asset- Offering under Malta Law

About monart

monart is both a Community & Ecosystem around Contemporary Art and an Art Platform of the 21st Century. monart reinvents the art experience to provide innovative art discovery for the art community at large, artists, art lovers, collectors and more.

At the same time, monart provides creative business models on the marketplace to allow people not only to by or sell artworks but also shares of artworks and shares of the collection of artworks.

monart employs already a 20 people team based in Paris (headquarter), Beijing (2.000 m2 art space), Geneva, Malta (subsidiary) & San Francisco plus many talented advisors, international partners & major artists.

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