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The foreign exchange market is the deepest and the most liquid market in the world with daily trading volumes of around $5 trillion. If you have worked closely in the Forex market, you’d be aware that there are 3 major types of Brokers: Market Makers, ECNs and STPs. Forex Market Makers, also known as Dealing Desk brokers, never quote your order on the market because they are the market. Across multiple schools of thought, the MM brokers are commonly seen as always ‘trading against you’.

This is not necessarily always the case, since market makers are also matching orders between clients themselves by using a hybrid book.

An ECN/STP broker is a broker per-se – the one who gives you a direct access to display your orders on the market. Such brokers get income from a certain fixed or variable mark-up on the spread displayed to you. A hybrid broker is the one between an ECN/STP and a Market Maker. The complexity is, sometimes it routes your orders to the market and sometimes it doesn’t.

According to a survey conducted by the Finance Magnates Intelligence Department, 45% of active forex traders prefer STPs, 16% prefer Market Makers and 28% have no idea what the difference is. As expected, the users want to trade with a broker that does not have a conflict of interest with the clients.

Founded by Ziad Aboujeb and Karim Farra, Non-Zero is here to ensure that market makers can acquire a reputational advantage. By redistributing market making gains back to clients, the platform ensures that the client and the broker’s needs and interests are adequately aligned. Backed by a team of industry experts with more than 100 years of combined technological and financial experience from leading multinational companies, Non-Zero is poised to revolutionize the forex and CFDs brokerage industry.

Today, Non-Zero is being developed as the most advanced platform tool available to assist brokers to establish themselves as entities looking after the interests of both the clients and the shareholders. By redistributing market making gains back to clients the platform creates a win-win situation for both sides. Brokers get a more sustainable and loyal client base while Traders are rewarded for their engagement and interest in the market.

The NZO token platform is built on the public Ethereum blockchain to harness the protocol’s transparency, immutability, fractional distribution, and low transaction costs. Brokers can redistribute warehousing profits to the clients from which those gains were booked.

Clients are then able to keep those tokens to utilise across the NZO public blockchain ecosystem or exchange them for any other token on a qualified exchange, subject to legal and regulatory compliance.

Since the announcement of this project, Non-Zero has already garnered massive interest and has built one of the fastest community of enthusiasts within this field. Non-Zero has already partnered up with strategic industry players who are able to drive this project towards its completion.

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