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September 18, 2018: Oryx is an investment platform that has one overarching goal: to create a secure and transparent financial environment for nascent companies. The Oryx ecosystem includes Nihilo, smart contracts, OryxCash, and OryxCoin. Together, the platform simplified the investment process and lowers the barriers that make it difficult for amateur investors to back blockchain projects. The end result is a symbiotic relationship that benefits both investors and startups.

Obstacles Standing in the Way of ICOs

As an industry, initial coin offerings have become one of the go-to methods for funding startups. Each year, thousands of project managers attempt to use ICO to crowdfund. Yet, from the beginning, ICOs have had their share of obstacles. One of the biggest problems is that it is difficult for less established investors to back startup projects. A lot of ICOs require a minimum investment of $1 Million. This is fine if you have a stockpile of money sitting in your account collecting dust, however, most people cannot easily put together that much money. There are a lot of potential investors who would love to support a startup company but do not have the financial means to do so.

The Oryx platform targets this problem directly. They lowered the minimum investment to a $1,000 USD, which is a much more reasonable number. Ultimately, this allows startups to access a much larger pool of investors, which, in turn, makes it easier for them to raise the funds they need to launch their blockchain projects. There are plenty of entrepreneurs out there that can scrape together $1,000 USD, but most people can’t invest a million-plus.

Another major issue is that most blockchain technology requires complex, obscure, or highly specialized knowledge. This is another barrier. A person is going to be much less willing to invest in a startup if they do not fully understand the technology behind the project. It is also difficult for most people to analyze ICOs. Thus, most people do not have a good idea as to how potential a given blockchain project actually has.

Oryx understands that only blockchain experts readily have the tools needed to analyze and assess ICOs. Oryx uses artificial technology and machine learning to remedy this problem. With machine learning, Oryx can give their users all the tools they need to predict the outcomes of an ICO or blockchain project to even the playing field between experts and amateurs. AI technology also keeps the valuation of tokens objective, which is an additional benefit. Oryx also sends their users periodic reports that outline how the funds they invest are actually spent. Thus, users know exactly where the money is being spent.

Details about the ICO

The initial coin offering for Oryx began on August 20, 2018. Running for the next 20 years, the OryxCash ICO has 15 million coins for sale in its current round. The aggregate supply of OrxCash is 250,000,000. You can contribute to the ICO with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or OryxCoin, as long as the investment is a minimum of $15 USD. Right now, there is no max that investors can contribute, but this could eventually change.

An exciting feature of the ICO is that participants will receive bonuses. The quantity of the bonuses will depend on when and how much you contribute. The size of the bonus will be larger the sooner you participate.

The funds brought in by the ICO will mostly go towards to enhancing the blockchain network, but some of the funds will go towards legal fees, marketing, and charity,

How Does It Work

When users subscribe to the Oryx platform, which requires a minimum of $15 USD, they gain immediate access to OryxCash and all its perks. Right away they will be able to start investing in blockchain projects of their choice. The platform uses a special coin called the OryxCoin, which acts as a store of value. Users can use these tokens to back projects. OryxCoin is generated via mining through proof of stake and is easily available to Oryx users.

The Oryx platform offers users a number of ways to earn money. In addition to money that can be earned by participating in ICOs, users can also earn money by participating in Oryx’s various utilities, such as the Nihilo marketplace. Users can also spend their tokens on these same utilities.

There is also a rewards program to look forward to. As long as the user obtains an Oryx masternode or choose to stake their tokens within the OryxCoin wallet, they will receive weekly rewards. Right now, the blockchain reward is 60%.

Oryx Network

The best part of the blockchain network that backs Oryx is its speed. Transactions happen in real-time and are almost instantaneous. Transactions are also processed every day of the year, even on holidays, so you rarely have to wait for transactions to go through. This is a genuine advantage over many other networks that have clunky block chains that are very slow when it comes to processing transactions.

Bottom Line

OryxCash is a fundraising platform specifically designed to make it easier for startup companies to raise funds. The traditional venture capital model is not ideal for inexperienced entrepreneurs. The OryxCash model, on the other hand, is a lot more appealing if you are a young entrepreneur looking to back your first blockchain projects. With OryxCash, the goal is to open up the investment pool for startups so that nascent tech companies can raise funds faster and more reliably.

This project benefits both startup companies and investors who do not have a lot of knowledge about the field. Ideally, the OryxCash model will incentivize the cooperation between ICO projects and amateur investors, which would improve the crypto ecosystem as a whole.

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