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PowerFans Boxing-Star Meeting was held in the afternoon on Sept. 12th, in Wanzhou, Chongqing. Superstars including Yi Long, Yodsanklai Fairtex, Dennis Breck, Pu Dongdong and Powerfans with some investment representatives attended the meeting.

Yi Long, a special guest for the meeting, an owner with 5 world championship gold belts, multi-year fighting events champion and well-known Kungfu star, expressed his expectations for PowerFans on the spot: “I’m very happy to see the launch of PowerFans. I’m very willing to meet the expectations of audiences in the coming future, and I hope everyone can watch the games that they want to watch.” And the world-famous Thai Boxing player Yodsanklai also said: “I am very happy to be here in China. I am honored to have the opportunity to approach PowerFans and experience the charm of sports in technology.” The appearance of Dennis Breck and Pu Dongdong also set off the climax of the scene.

At the meeting, Mr. Xu, the investment representative from Chinese community of PowerFans, made a speech that the meeting is an important stage for the beginning of PowerFans. He also introduced that PowerFans is a blockchain platform developed on the basis of SEER – a public blockchain based on the Graphene toolkit. Serving the sports industry as a platform with its own ecosystem, PowerFans provides online applications for different scenes in sports competition and offers various services to the audience including neutral and credible market-oriented prediction, sports betting and crowdfunding for competition.

Mr. Zhang, the chief operating officer from Chinese community of PowerFans, said in his speech that the founding team of PowerFans has been working in the sports industry for 7 years, and has a wide range of resources including global events, athletes, clubs, media and 5 million+ users at home and abroad. In order to create an entrance between blockchain and real-world, PowerFans will also introduce partners in fields of sports technology and sports data, and provide the underlying services for sports competitions. As a result, it can offer ecological support for the application scenarios running on PowerFans.

The Boxing-Star Meeting has brought a lot of attention and influence to the boost and development of Powerfans. A new opportunity for the development of blockchain technology and sports has arrived! Let’s stay tuned for more good news to come!

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