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Trading is one of the most popular ways to earn on cryptocurrency. It is almost impossible to get a high margin on trading fiat currencies due to the low quotation of their rates, which turns the cryptocurrency into a much-desired source of income for many investors. But is it possible to independently understand such a complex process as crypto trading?

If you have already had the experience of trading at the exchanges, the study of this issue will most likely be something like conquering a new height, but it will take a lot of time. You will need to study the niche, choose a trading strategy, constantly monitor the quotes and trading volume of different cryptocurrencies, take into account possible risks and much more. But there is another way – the path of least resistance. Thanks to such an active development of crypto trading, cryptocurrency funds, which help investors to earn on the purchase and sale of crypto-currencies, have appeared.

PRIMEFUND CAPITAL is a financial partner in crypto trading

If we are talking about crypto trading, PRIMEFUND CAPITAL has been successfully working on this market for several years. But right now its founders have decided to create their own crypto fund for trust management of their clients’ financial assets. The crypto fund team includes only professional traders with years of experience in the cryptocurrencies purchase and sale and with high rates of successful transactions.

Investment conditions are quite loyal: there are no strict requirements for the investor candidacy, the size of the initial deposit is minimal ($8), the registration process is simplified as much as possible. To increase the rate of successful financial transactions, they are hedged using bitcoin futures and investing in ICO projects and cryptocurrency inter-exchange arbitrage are also carried out. The company has all the necessary licenses for investment activities. Documents confirming the officially registered status of the company are presented on the PRIMEFUND CAPITAL official website.


Several investment proposals have been implemented for potential investors. Everyone can choose the most suitable conditions for themselves. Thus, investment plans differ in the minimum deposit amount, term, as well as the size of the daily interest rate. Rates vary from 1% to 6% per day, the deposit term is from 10 to 25 days, and the range of the minimum investment threshold varies from $8 to $50. There is also a VIP plan with individual conditions, which, along with other investment plans’ details, can be found in the “Investments” section on the company official website.

An important condition for investment is the ability to independently select the interest rate on the deposit and the deposit amount. As for the payments under the selected investment plan, each of them has its own investment period, at the end of which the initial deposit amount is refunded. At the same time, if the investor chooses an improved tariff plan, the deposit is returned simultaneously with the accrual of dividends or together with dividends at the end of the investment period. The opportunity of selecting the optimal investment plan, absence of strict requirements for investors, low investment thresholds, as well as the short term deposits are only a part of the benefits of crypto trading with PRIMEFUND CAPITAL. Visit the company official website, where you can get acquainted with all the features of the project and take a part in it. Many investors have already chosen PRIMEFUND CAPITAL as a financial partner. Don’t miss the opportunity to join them!

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