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Seoul, Korea – Renvale Exchange, a recently launched state-of-the-art cryptocurrency exchange launched by Renvale Capital, is expanding their operations rapidly and has cemented their position in South Korea through a merger with D Coin Asset, the only company in South Korea licensed to conduct crypto-related financial activities such as trade, distribution, and mediation.

The official signing ceremony was held in the Intercontinental Hotel, Seoul on 3rd December 2018 to commemorate the alliance between the two firms with CEO of Renvale Capital and Renvale Exchange, Will Collins, as well as CFO, Oliver Douglas, and CTO, Vishal Agrawal in attendance. The significant event was graced by over 200 guests and consisted of live performances as well as a luxurious buffet lunch.

The two highly complementary companies with established reputations and strong growth prospects are interrelated in terms of their demographic target market and business activities. The merger connects leaders of two different segments in the same industry, that will be equipped to aggressively take on current exchanges through improved features and an extended local presence in South Korea.

Renvale Exchange is a newly developed multiplatform crypto exchange that has been designed from the ground up to offer a flawless and seamless user experience for both experienced and inexperienced traders, designed to be able to process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.

Renvale Exchange will provide enhanced liquidity by offering a private pool and trading algorithms that is connected to the world’s crypto exchanges and is able to enhance their security through the utilization of advanced cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services.

They currently list major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum and over time, will support trading for all kinds of digital assets. The firm is fully licensed by the Estonian Financial Services Authority (EFSA) and in the process of obtaining licensing from Switzerland to expand their presence worldwide.

D Coin Asset is another leading expert in the cryptocurrency sector. D Coin Asset, founded in South Korea, is the only licensed company that is permitted to distribute, sell, and trade cryptocurrency tokens in South Korea.

D Coin Asset is a subsidiary of a global conglomerate, D-Global Holdings, which has businesses in the Internet of Things or IOT, jewelry, broadcasting, retailing and mining operations.

Crypto-enthusiast has long sought better solutions to a low-cost and highly secured platform to trade and process crypto transactions. Together, Renvale Exchange and D Coin Asset will offer one platform to meet these demands. The merger will extend Renvale Exchange’s local presence in South Korea through D Coin Asset’s extensive local network and infrastructure.

South Korea is seen as the epicenter of the cryptocurrency boom in recent times, being the second largest cryptocurrency nation in the world. With the world’s fastest internet connectivity and high mobile penetration in a dense population, Renvale Exchange believes that South Korea has the capability to support the cryptocurrency exchange industry’s rapid technological advancements in the future.

The demand for cryptocurrencies in South Korea has been increasing exponentially, with crypto services and related products on the rise, particularly involving the trading and distribution of cryptocurrency tokens.

Renvale CEO, Will Collins, was quoted in his speech during the event, “The merger between Renvale Exchange and D Coin Asset will form synergies that will enable each entity to utilize each other’s expertise, resources, and intellectual properties. To put it simply, D Coin Asset’s local infrastructure will open new doors for Renvale Exchange, while our platform will serve as their highway to the mass market.”

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