As Ripple emerges as the latest form of global transaction company, it continues to shine as one of the world’s top blockchain projects. Ripple’s accomplishment is a result of strategically building its implementation of blockchain technology to service existing financial tycoons and banking corporations. Ultrain’s plan to deliver key services to existing companies shares a similar strategic advantage, which has been at the core of the project since initiation. Although not involved in banking or payment, Ultrain is devoted to provide trusted computing services to enterprise clients and empower traditional industries with blockchain technology, that resemblance reminds many of Ripple. Ultrain is leading a new era of public blockchain to support innovation and advanced business systems.

Ultrain, referring to themselves as the No.1 commercial public chain and the first to realize public blockchain 3.0 technology, is implementing real-world enterprise solutions to enhance enterprise’s traditional business models. While many projects in the market are still in the research and development stages, Ultrain’s enterprise chain is already servicing high profile clients such as Chinese streetwear empire YOHO!, and blockchain gaming development lab Unitopia. The team at Ultrain aims to be the decentralized service platform powering future businesses and is taking steps towards this goal each day with their business development.

Unlike permissioned blockchain networks, that’s only capable of providing internal solutions to known parties, Ultrain’s trusted computing service is based on a permission-less network environment. Ultrain is revolutionizing the industry by streamlining client’s business models, creating a hybrid between the traditional business and a blockchain-based trusted computing model.

Ultrain’s technical superiority allows it to be the only blockchain 3.0 project with open access to public, where new computing nodes or miners can join and provide essential computing power to the platform to further strengthen the Ultrain enterprise chain. Ultrain has recently made their latest batch of computing nodes available for public purchase. These 40 equals, transparent, high-reward trusted computing nodes form part of the essential computing power of Ultrain’s enterprise chain.

Whether Ultrain turns out to be the next “Ripple” or not, no one can deny the fact that advanced blockchain technology is the foundation of this promising project, followed closely by its business development activities., the list of partners continues to grow with aforementioned YOHO! and Unitopia, joined by Electronic Souls, and others to be announced. Applications of Ultrain’s technology have far-reaching use cases in industries such as commerce, gaming, energy, advertising, medical, and philanthropic sectors. As an open network that anyone can join, Ultrain’s secure, efficient and cost-effective trusted computing services also incentivizes community members to participate in ecosystem growth. Every time a new node joins the network, Ultrain advances towards making their ultimate vision of “a programmable business society” a reality.

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