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Big Data is one of the game-changing industries of the world today, but it also poses significant challenges for consumers. The security and privacy of the consumer data is mostly neglected in our world, and big data companies make a lot of money selling their data to other companies.

Blockchain Technology is often seen as a solution to this problem, allowing consumers full control of their data and bring greater transparency to the table.

To tap into the big data market, Social Reality, Inc. (SRAX) has developed a Big data platform called BIG Platform, which will be the first consumer-powered data marketplace in the world. SRAX hopes to bring much-needed transparency to the data market with this move and give control back to the consumers. As part of the launch of the BIG Platform, SRAX will also release the Right to Receive securities or tokens of the BIGtoken Inc, the subsidiary in charge of the company.

BIGToken Securities

The securities being sold by the BIGToken initiative will have the rights and preferences as determined by the board of directors and will only be distributed if the securities are cleared by the authorities. It is a genuine step taken by the company to offer regulatory clarity to its backers, rather than riding the ongoing wave of unregulated, non-approved securities or tokens.

According to SRAX CEO Christopher Miglino:

“We are excited for the Beta launch of BIGtoken, which is working to solve data accuracy for the data market that is estimated to be over $130 billion. As promised, we are issuing a dividend for BIGtoken Inc. We look forward to rewarding shareholders as SRAX and BIG grow.”


With SRAX’s considerable digital marketing and consumer data management exposure, BIG Platform aims to unlock data and make it available for companies across the globe for their marketing and research purposes. Its consumer-powered marketplace is one of the first in the world and aims to provide choice, compensation, and transparency that is desperately needed in the data ecosystem.

Open-Source Governance Structure

The BIG Platform will work on an open source governance structure that will provide verified, voluntary data to consumers. Additionally, developers will be able to build online interfaces and experiences on top of the BIG Platform.

The plan is in accordance with the US Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and may present risks and uncertainties to the backers.

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