Cryptocurrency Exchange platform has released a new DEX (decentralized exchange) SwitchDex, branded to fit into the vision, with the platform set to provide more liquidity for its intrinsic token ESH in a week time. This is part of hardline strategy to deliver a service designed to provide simplicity for crypto traders regardless of where they may live.

Pegged as one of the most user-friendly Exchanges in the crypto sphere with the backing of renowned software programmer John McAfee,’s newly released brainchild, SwitchDex, has been perfected to align with’s goal in becoming the go-to-exchange, where all crypto users are welcome regardless of country.

Users utilizing the platform will be able to access various services including an option to donate to desired charitable causes or buy gift cards with various cryptocurrencies. Already, SwitchDex Exchange has made over a 100 tokens readily available for users to trade with, while supporting about six different base pairs for trade executions. The wide range of services are equipped to provide the best framework for a no limitation, no barriers platform where; even US citizens are welcome.

The Exchange unwavering focus to become the very best in its field, has lead to building new bridges with other crypto Exchanges in order to secure additional listings for its native token ESH. The token designed to fuel ecosystem is currently listed on exchanges such as Instant Bitex, and DOBI exchange and is scheduled to list next week on Mercatox & IDEX. Just That Simple simplicity enable ease of use regardless of country or technical knowledge with a simple click. Each time transaction is created, a depositing address and a receiving addresses is entered with the transaction value in the user’s cryptocurrency. automatically issue the receiving amount, which can be quickly converted to any required cryptocurrency value by the user from a click. Airdrop

SwitchDex core value lies with its decentralized users.

  • With 0.2% taker fee, the platform is poised to offer the lowest fee available on any crypto Exchange. Whilst tokens ownership remains with the trader.
  • Users can Whitelist their addresses by paying a one time taker fee and also enjoy 100% of all fees collected from & by airdropped if they still hold their tokens.
  • Each month 50% of all fees collected by SwitchDex will be airdropped to SDEX token holders (SDEX has a total supply of 200). While another 50% of Switch fees will also be airdropped to DESH holders every month (DESH has a total supply of 1,000)
  • ESH token holders get to receive 50% of Switch & SwitchDex fees via airdropped monthly.

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