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Nvidia Reports Full-Year Revenue Increases But Q4 Losses After Cryptocurrency ‘Hangover’

The company posted an overall 21 percent annual earnings increase compared to the same time last year. United States gaming and computer hardware manufacturer Nvidia has reported full-year revenue gains, the company confirmed in a press release about its Q4 earnings published on Feb. 14. Nvidia, which was one of the companies worst hit by the cryptocurrency market downturn and associated lack of demand of mining components, said its total 2018 revenue climbed 21 percent from 2017 numbers to $11.72 billion. The growth was driven by all-time high sales of its gaming, datacenter, professional visualization and automotive products. Nvidia’s shares jumped 8 percent this week on the unveiling of the figures, which nonetheless painted a less buoyant picture of Q4 performance. Revenue was down 24 percent versus the same quarter the previous year to $2.24 billion. Commenting on the statistics, founder and CEO Jensen Huang underscored the volatility in the market. “This was a turbulent close to..

Fake MetaMask Crypto Malware Pulled From Google Play After Tip-Off

An app masquerading as DApp MetaMask contained malware that aimed to steal coins by replacing wallet addresses. Decentralized app (DApp) MetaMask is facing fresh problems from cryptocurrency scammers after malware impersonating the tool appeared on Google Play, cybersecurity company Eset reported Feb. 8. The malware, which replaces computer clipboard information in an attempt to steal cryptocurrency, was removed by Google at the beginning of the month after a tip-off from Eset researchers. Known as a ‘Clipper,’ the malware replaces copied cryptocurrency wallet addresses with an address belonging to an attacker in the hope funds will be sent elsewhere without the user noticing. The discovery marked the first time such malware had made it past Google’s vetting procedures, the security firm notes. “The clipper we found lurking in the Google Play store, detected by ESET security solutions as Android/Clipper.C, impersonates a legitimate service called MetaMask,” Eset explained, continuing:..

Major Currencies Gradually Roll Back After Short Recovery, Bitcoin Stays Over...

The top cryptocurrencies are gradually rolling back after a recent short recovery. Sunday, Feb. 10 — while Bitcoin (BTC) is managing to stay above the $3,600 price point for the third day in a row, other major cryptocurrencies are mostly in the red as the markets gradually roll back after short recovery, Coin360 data shows. Market visualization from Coin360 BTC has been trading sideways during the last 24 hours, but the coin is still above over its psychological threshold of $3,600 at press time. As Cointelegraph previously reported, the top currency gained over $200 in value on Friday, Feb. 8, hitting $3,691 at some point during that day. Also this week, BTC daily transaction volume almost reached levels it had not seen since January 2018, when world’s top cryptocurrency was worth close to $20,000. Bitcoin 7-day price chart. Source: CoinMarketCap Ripple (XRP) — currently the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency — has seen almost a 3 percent decline and is now trading around $0.3. ..

Cryptocurrency Market Will Continue To Surge After Yesterday’s Bulls Rally According...

Yesterday, there was a surge in the price of cryptocurrencies that allowed major cryptocurrencies to gain significant momentum and recover from losses. This was a much-needed recovery that cost EOS, the fourth largest cryptocurrency per market capitalization, its position to LTC. Litecoin (LTC) surged up by 30% within a 24-hour period. So far, the cryptocurrencies have been able to retain their gains and this convinces analysts that the coming week is going to be marked by more upward recovery. Cryptocurrencies Trade Flat After Recent Price Pump This morning, most cryptocurrencies were trading marginally either upward or downward. XRP was down by 1.4% against the USD while ETH was down by 0.2%. LTC was up by 1.7% trading at $43.60. Considering the fact that LTC was trading at $33 yesterday morning, the price recovery is remarkable. At the time of writing, LTC was down by 2.90% against the USD trading at $43.49. Against BTC, it was down by 2.42%. Still the fourth cryptocurrency per mar..

Cryptos See Mild Movements After Market Surge, Bitcoin Holds Above $3,600

The crypto markets are seeing mixed, mild signals, while Bitcoin manages to stay above $3,600 for the second day in a row. Saturday, Feb. 9 — as Coin360 data shows, major cryptocurrencies are facing a mix of mild gains and losses, following a major market surge since yesterday. Bitcoin (BTC) is holding steady above the $3,600 price point. Market visualization from Coin360 BTC gained over $200 in value on Friday, Feb. 8, reaching a multi-week high of $3,691 throughout the day. The top currency continued to trade sideways today, before stabilizing to press time around $3,660. Bitcoin 7-day price chart. Source: CoinMarketCap BTC daily transaction volume is steadily growing, according to stats. As Cointelegraph reported earlier this week, the indicator has almost reached the levels BTC had back in January 2018, when world’s top currency was worth close to $20,000. Ripple (XRP), currently the second largest cryptocurrency, has lost about 1 percent in price on the day ..

Bitfinex Resumes Trading After Unexpected 2-Hour Outage as Crypto Markets Surge

Hong Kong-based Bitfinex unexpectedly went offline for all users this morning, afterwards citing problems with “connectivity.” Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex notified users in a tweet Saturday, Feb. 9, that it had temporarily gone offline for all users, as crypto markets saw major gains. Initially, the company wrote that the platform was unavailable only “to some users” and apologized for the inconvenience, without specifying a cause for the outage. However, about thirty minutes later, Bitfinex clarified that it had gone offline for all of its users, citing a “poor [...] choice of wording” as the reason for the misinformation. The full statement reads: “We apologise for our previous tweet. In the rush to make users aware of our issue promptly, we were poor in the choice of wording. We can confirm Bitfinex is offline to all users. Please be assured that funds are safe. We will communicate here with further updates.” After remaining inaccessible to users for a little o..

Ethereum (ETH) Could Increase by 90% to Trade $200 After Dropping...

The crypto market is experiencing an involatile day. Current market trends show that nearly all the major tokens are trading marginally up or down. The top digital currency Bitcoin (BTC), has maintained the $3,400 support position for long. Other cryptos, like Ethereum (ETH), have been resting at, or just above, their support positions, which has led many traders to act cautiously when it comes to entering long positions. Ethereum (ETH) Price Today – ETH / USD Name Price24H (%)$107.96 2.27% Despite the fact that traders are expressing caution regarding long positions, a prominent analyst observed that Ethereum (ETH) is potentially preparing for a price increase that could send the top asset class skyrocketing to over 90% from its current price. Ethereum (ETH) Looks Stable Above the $100 Position, But May Drop to $90 Before Surging by 90% As of press time, Ethereum (ETH) is trading marginally at $104.9. Earlier in the week, the crypto token fell to $103 before moving to its current p..

Winklevoss Twins to Pay Out $45,000 in Legal Fees to Charlie...

The court decision comes after an asset freeze on Shrem was halted in November of last year. Bitcoin (BTC) entrepreneur and advocate Charlie Shrem will receive around $45,000 in legal costs from Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss as part of an ongoing lawsuit, according to an official document filed on Feb. 7. The latest step in the lengthy legal proceedings between the former business partners, a judge at the District Court of the Southern District of New York ruled in favor of Shrem for a second time in the last three months. The Winklevoss twins had instigated an investigation and asset freeze on Shrem after a fallout over money owed from a years-old Bitcoin trade deal. In November, the court likewise reduced the scope of the Winklevoss’ claims, with the legal fees reimbursement from the process now due. The lawsuit will now continue covering new ground in June. As Cointelegraph reported, the current battle is the result of years of suspicion between the Winklevosses and Shrem. The dispu..

Stellar (XLM) Trading Is Now Available On Gibraltar Block Exchange After...

Stellar has just gotten a plus as Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange adds the XLM token to its list of tradable coins. The new exchange added XLM as part of its expansion move to reach more customers. This listing comes shortly after the exchange added EOS. Keep in mind that EOS recently reclaimed its position as the fourth largest cryptocurrency per market capitalization. Adding XLM is a big deal for the exchange as the token is one of the top altcoins in the market. Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Adds Stellar (XLM) XLM is the ninth largest cryptocurrency per market capitalization. With a supply of up to 19 billion, XLM is currently trading at $0.078673. This shows that it is down by 3.27% against the USD and down by 3.75% against BTC. Over a 24 hour period, the trading volume is $95,046,524 while the market capitalization is $1,508,014,422. Stellar (XLM) Price Today – XLM / USD Name Price24H (%)$3,460.53 0.08%$0.078287 -3.56% According to the announcement by the exchange, the new listin..

Crypto Exchange QuadrigaCX Missing $145 Mln After Death of Founder

A liquidity crisis at Canadian crypto exchange QuadrigaCX is the result of lost access keys for the exchange’s cold wallets. Following the sudden death of its founder Gerry Cotten, cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX is reportedly missing CA$190 million dollars ($145 million) in digital assets, Canadian news daily The Globe and Mail reports on Feb. 1 Citing a creditor protection filing from the Nova Scotia Supreme court, the Globe and Mail states that the firm has been unable to locate or access the funds since Cotten passed on Dec. 9, leading to a liquidity crisis at the exchange. QuadrigaCX filed for creditor protection in compliance with the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) on Feb. 1. The exchange only has CA$375,000 ($286,000) in cash, while it owes CA$260 million ($198,435,000) to its users. The exchange kept most its assets in offline storage systems called cold wallets, which are secured by digital security keys in order to protect them from hacking and theft. Co..
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