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71+ Million User Volunteer Platform to Launch Blockchain-Based DApp

Reportedly the world’s largest volunteer service platform, Zhiyuan Hui, has announced its partnership with crypto startup EveriToken. Chinese non-profit Zhiyuan Hui — reportedly the world’s largest volunteer service platform — has announced its partnership with token economy infrastructure firm EveriToken. The news was announced Jan. 12 in an official EveriToken blog post. As of December 2018, Zhiyuan Hui reportedly serves over 430,000 non-profits, and its 71 million users are reported to have worked over 100 million service hours via its platform. According to the blog post, the United Nations-issued China Volunteer Service Economic Value Measurement Report has valued the platform at over $500 million. In order to manage this astonishing volume of users and service hours, Zhiyuan Hui has reportedly decided to build a transparent volunteer tracking platform on the EveriToken public blockchain. Via the new system, governments, enterprises and non-profits will be able to award an estima..

Linux-Targeting Cryptojacking Malware Disables Cloud-Based Security Measures: Report

A new cryptojacking malware reportedly has the ability to disable cloud-based security measures to avoid detection on Linux-based servers. A new cryptojacking malware has the ability to disable cloud-based security measures to avoid detection on Linux servers, research by information security company Palo Alto Networks Jan. 17 reveals. The malware in question mines Monero (XMR) and is reportedly a modified version of one used by the so-called “Rocke” group, originally discovered by cybersecurity firm Talos in August last year. According to the research, one of the first things that the malware does is check for other cryptocurrency mining processes and add firewall rules to block any other cryptojacking malware. The virus reportedly also searches for cloud security services by Chinese internet giants Tencent and Alibaba and neutralizes them in an attempt to remain concealed. Ryan Olson, vice president for threat intelligence at Palo Alto Networks explained: “This evolution indicates t..

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Acquires San Francisco-Based Tech Startup Blockspring

Crypto exchange Coinbase has acquired tech startup Blockspring, originally backed by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. Major cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider Coinbase has acquired Andreessen Horowitz-backed tech startup Blockspring. The purchase was revealed in a blog post published Jan. 14. San Francisco-based Blockspring produces tools that enable developers to automatically gather and process information from application programming interfaces (APIs). In 2015, the company raised $3.4 million in a round led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and seed-stage investment firm SV Angel, while also having support from venture fund Y Combinator. Following the acquisition, Blockspring will reportedly continue operating as an independent entity, while any changes to its business will not be binding on the company’s current and new customers. Last month, Cointelegraph reported that a new application filed by Coinbase with the United States Patent and Trademark Offi..

BitTorrent’s Tron-Based BTT Token Integration Will Launch by Summer

BitTorrent Speed system, which will integrate the Tron-based BTT token into the popular µTorrent Windows client, will launch by summer. BitTorrent’s system dubbed BitTorrent Speed, which will integrate the Tron-based BTT token into the popular µTorrent Windows client, will launch by summer. The company has confirmed this in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Jan. 19. BitTorrent Speed will issue cryptocurrency token rewards to users that serve content to others via the µTorrent network. The client’s users — which number more than 100 million, according to BitTorrent — will also be able to pay for faster downloads with the same tokens. The company also announced that to all accounts that are not based in the United States, the token will only be available for purchase on the Binance Launchpad platform. BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer (P2P) communication protocol for online file sharing, and the eponymous company that maintains it. The BitTorrent network is similar to Bitcoin in s..

More Oil Giants to Join Blockchain-Based Platform Vakt for Energy Commodity...

More global oil and gas giants have joined the blockchain-based platform for trading energy commodities. Chevron, one of largest American multinational energy corporations, and two other major energy companies have joined Vakt, a United Kingdom-based blockchain platform for energy commodity trading. Reuters reported on the development on Jan. 16. Along with Chevron, Total, a leading French multinational integrated oil and gas company, and major Indian refiner Reliance Industries have become members of the Vakt platform. The article stresses that the agreement is a step towards quicker and safer logistical operations. The Vakt platform, backed by JPMorgan’s Quorum blockchain technology, aims to become a digital transaction platform that would transform the oil business worldwide. Thomas Waymel, the Total’s head of trading and shipping, underlined in a statement: “Total has been supporting industry initiatives to digitize cargo post-trade processes for some time.” Back last fall, the wo..

Bitfury Enters Music Industry With Blockchain-Based Open Source Platform Launch

Bitfury Surround joins the various blockchain solutions attempting to introduce more transparency to commercial music structures. Blockchain and Bitcoin mining manufacturer Bitfury announced the launch of a dedicated venture to open source the music industry in a blog post on Jan. 16. The spin-off, dubbed Bitfury Surround, aims to tackle the complex and often unfairly proportioned flows of revenue between artists, fans and middlemen using blockchain technology. The post explains, “The Surround platform will enable the entire music entertainment industry to streamline operations through secure transfer of copyright assets, streamlined connectivity as well as better monitoring and management systems. Surround marks Bitfury’s ongoing expansion into various aspects beyond mining. Within the Bitcoin (BTC) ecosystem, meanwhile, this week saw the company bring off-chain payments via the Lightning Network to their first exchange environment via a partnership with Poland’s BTCBIT. Prior to tha..

Research Suggests Russian-Based Hackers Behind Ryuk Ransomware’s $2.5 Million Gains

Researchers argue that the ransomware attacks thought to have earned hackers $3.7 million in BTC likely came from Russian cybercriminals. A recent spate of ransomware attacks estimated to have earned hackers 705.08 Bitcoin (BTC) ($2.5 million) likely came from Russian cybercriminals, not North Korean state-sponsored actors as initially thought. The development was reported on The Next Web’s crypto-focused news site Hard Fork on Jan. 14. Hard Fork cites evidence from cybersecurity research teams McAfee Labs and Crowdstrike, which have analyzed the strategies used in developing and disseminating the Ryuk ransomware strain, and concluded that the identity and motivations of its masterminds have most likely until now been misreported. The Ryuk campaign notably attracted wide attention following its targeting of major United States media group Tribune Publishing over Christmas. As McAfee notes, Ryuk is a fictional manga character who spreads lethal death notes as an evil distraction from h..

Huobi Global’s US-Based Strategic Partner Crypto Exchange HBUS Rebrands as Huobi

HBUS has announced the rebranding of its retail trading service from HBUS.com to Huobi.com. HBUS, the United States-based strategic partner of China-born crypto exchange Huobi, has announced the rebranding of its retail trading service from HBUS.com to Huobi.com. THe rebranding was shared in a press release with Cointelegraph on Jan. 11. As reported, HBUS launched as a strategic partner of Huobi Group — the operator of the flagship Huobi Global crypto exchange — via a newly created San Francisco-based company “HBUS Holdco, Inc.” last June. The latter will reportedly continue to operate the platform after its rebranding. Under the new licensing agreement, HBUS.com will migrate to the domain name of huobi.com, while Huobi Global will continue to operate via its existing site, hbg.com. As well as officially adopting the Huobi brand name, HBUS is now reportedly set to benefit from an increased level of technological support from Huobi Global, specifically in regard to stability and securi..

NASA Publishes Proposal for Air Traffic Management Blockchain Based on HyperLedger

NASA proposed an air traffic management blockchain based on the Hyperledger Fabric open-source software. The United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has proposed an air traffic management blockchain, according to a paper published on the agency’s official website on Jan. 10. The proposed system would employ an open-source permissioned blockchain to enable secure, private and anonymous communication with air traffic services. The document notes: “This framework features certificate authority, smart contract support, and higher-bandwidth communication channels for private information that may be used for secure communication between any specific aircraft and any particular authorized member.” The engineering prototype of the system reportedly employed the Hyperledger Fabric and demonstrated that such infrastructure could be rapidly deployed and economically maintained. In December of last year, Hyperledger — an open source project created by the Linux Foundati..

Chain-based Security Firm Claims It Has Enough Evidence To Find The...

A while ago, the Ethereum Classic network came under a 51% power consolidation attack. The attack on the network led exchanges into shutting down all ETC transactions to protect their funds. There was a lot of speculation regarding who was responsible for the attack. All the accused parties came forward to clear their name. However, there wasn’t enough evidence to pin the attack on anyone until now. SlowMist Claims It Can Find The Attacker A security firm based in China, SlowMist, has announced that it has enough evidence to find the person or group of people behind the attack on the Ethereum Classic network. The announcement was made in an article that was published on Wednesday and it was a summary of the company’s analysis. It noted that about four transaction hashes and three wallet addresses were launched during the attack on the network. Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Today – ETC / USD Name Price24H (%)$3,627.03 -3.99%$4.40 -2.85% In line with what Coinbase had announced earlie..
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