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Blockchain as Key to Vienna’s Digital Future — Interview with Ulrike...

We sat down with Ulrike Huemer, the CIO of Austria’s capital city Vienna, to talk blockchain and to elaborate on its role as part of the Smart City initiative. Austria is Europe’s leader in terms of applying modern day technology to better the all-around welfare of its citizens. Making cities “smart” and digital is a key part of transforming public goods and services in order to reach that goal. Vienna is especially keen on innovation, trying to find new solutions by way of digitization. Easy access and clear-cut benefits are key aspects to finding broad acceptance among Vienna citizens, making them willingly partake and help to better the transformation process. To further the breakthrough of digital technologies and make them the backbone of society, Vienna called into existence the so-called “Smart City Vienna” initiative in 2014, which aims to better the lives of its general population. The Smart City project isn’t meant to merely foster technology, though. Rather, the latter is ..

ABB Launches Blockchain Pilot for Solar Energy Sector

Energy tech company ABB has launched a pilot project to investigate how blockchain can advance the solar energy market. International electrical engineering company ABB has rolled out a blockchain pilot to explore how the technology could promote the role of solar energy in peer-to-peer (p2p) energy trading, technology-focused media outlet PV Tech reported on May 16. To implement the project, ABB collaborated with Italian energy aggregator Evolvere to deploy a blockchain it jointly developed with blockchain-based platform Prosume. The pilot will purportedly enable transparent and secure p2p energy transactions, as well research blockchain’s role in the smart grids market. ABB told PV Tech that the project’s objective is to make blockchain-ready inverters so energy market participants can reduce both capital and operational expenditure costs. Giampiero Frisio, head of ABB’s smart power business, said, “the Evolvere project has allowed us to develop viable and proven solutions for the m..

Gaining Mass Adoption: Blockchain Platform Converts Users Fame Into Coffee and...

sponsored A blockchain platform says it will offer a way to buy concert tickets, clothes and coffee with crypto. Mithril, a decentralized platform that rewards content creators on social networks, told Cointelegraph that they are working on expanding the acceptance of its MITH token merchant network into different categories, such as coffee shops, restaurants, sports clothing and adult entertainment platforms. For instance, the team has announced a partnership with AccuPass, a Taiwanese ticket aggregator. According to Mithril, users are now able to purchase concert tickets with its tokens. In March 2019, SWAG, an adult entertainment network that connects amateur porn models and their fans, with more than 1.5 million registered users, started to accept MITH as a payment for its services. In addition, the company wrote that they are “developing strategic partnerships with several pioneer theaters in Taiwan.” For the company, it is an important milestone in its adoption curve, and a pos..

Cornell Uni’s Emin Gun Sirer Debuts Ava Blockchain Following $6 Million...

Emin Gun Sirer, the creator of the first PoW-based crypto, plans to build a blockchain that will enable apps “that aren’t even possible yet.” Emin Gun Sirer, a professor at Cornell University and a major global blockchain expert, will launch his own cryptocurrency and blockchain network, Bloomberg reported on May 16. Sirer, the creator of the first crypto based on proof-of-work (PoW) — Karma System — is now planning to launch a blockchain network that he touts as running as many transactions per second as payment giant Visa. Having raised $6 million from major investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain and MetaStable in February, Sirer’s Ava Labs has reportedly launched a private test version of the Ava network on May 16, while the public launch is expected to be rolled out soon. The first coins are set to be issued once the blockchain is available to the public, the report notes. Sirer stated that the Ava network will obtain 1.35 second confirmation latency and purportedly enab..

Sports Blockchain Venture Chiliz Announces Strategic Partnership With Binance Chain

Sports fan engagement blockchain project Chiliz has announced a strategic partnership with Binance Chain. Sports blockchain venture Chiliz has announced a strategic partnership with Binance Chain, the mainnet of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance. The news was revealed in an official press release on May 17. As previously reported, Chiliz ($CHZ) is a sports industry-oriented digital currency that powers the tokenized fan engagement platform and blockchain-powered mobile app, High-profile Socios partners to date have included major soccer teams Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus, who plan to use the platform to launch fan token offerings for their club-branded tokens, which will confer voting rights for club-related polls and offer rewards for their holders. While crypto exchange Binance was already a backer of the Chiliz venture, Chiliz and CEO Alex Dreyfus has underscored that the new integration with the Binance Chain mainnet will increase’s access..

Bosch on Blockchain and IoT: ‘We Cannot Accept’ Fear as Reaction...

The electronics giant’s senior executives have come out in a show of support for censorship-resistance technology development. Engineering and electronics manufacturer Bosch hinted it would take an active role in defending the openness of the Internet of Things (IoT) against censorship as part of a press release from May 15. Bosch, which has various developments on the way in the sector, highlighted distributed ledger technology (DLT), including blockchain, as an essential part of the future of both IoT and the related Economy of Things. “Distributed ledger technologies (DLT) such as blockchain may well become the key technology in these domains,” the press release reads. While entities from governments to dedicated startups are tackling blockchain’s potential in IoT, Bosch went further in its publicity, conspicuously adopted an open stance on the ethics of the phenomenon. The company, it appears, is concerned about the impact of censorship and retrograde reactions to new borderless t..

Big Four Firm KPMG Identifies Top Four Skills Required for Blockchain...

Big Four auditing firm KPMG has identified the top four skills needed for a blockchain-related career. Big Four auditing firm KPMG has identified the top four skills needed for a blockchain-related career, in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on May 16. KPMG suggests that an increasing number of companies will investigate blockchain technology this year. “Blockchain projects will not succeed or scale without a multifaceted team that goes beyond technologists,” the firm states, thus identifying the four major skills needed for a career in the industry. KPMG argues that the successful deployment of blockchain tech depends on professionals with both technology literacy and business acumen. The latter purportedly requires a deep understanding of specific processes in business, which is essential when developing and defining a highly-demanded use case and value proposition for a project. The importance of technological literacy lies in the understanding of how blockchains actually ..

Blockchain Sister Startups Allegedly Pull $8 Million Exit Scam

RepuX and JoyToken have reportedly completed an initial coin offering (ICO) exit scam together. Blockchain startups RepuX and JoyToken have reportedly pulled a joint initial coin offering (ICO) exit scam, according to an exposé by Hard Fork of The Next Web (TNW) on May 16. RepuX and JoyToken reportedly ran their ICO promotions during March and April of 2018, and are now walking away with $4.7 million and $3.3 million, respectively. As far as the startups’ stated plans were concerned, Hard Fork reports: “RepuX claimed that it was trying to build what it called a ‘blockchain-powered data marketplace,’ while JoyToken was trying to create a decentralized gambling platform, powered by its own JOY token.” The United Kingdom offices for these organizations reportedly closed earlier this week. Additionally, the websites and Telegram channels associated with the startups have been shut down, and neither of their Twitter accounts have posted since last year. The CEO of JoyToken, Andrew MacDonal..

2020 Presidential Hopeful Yang Says Blockchain, Crypto Must Be Big Part...

American entrepreneur and presidential candidate Andrew Yang has said that blockchain should be a big part of the United States’ future. American entrepreneur and Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang has said that blockchain should be a big part of the United States’ future, Bloomberg reported on May 15. Speaking at the Consensus conference in New York, Yang — who is well known for his progressive pro-universal basic income stance — reportedly stated that: “I believe that blockchain needs to be a big part of our future. If I’m in the White House, oh boy are we going to have some fun in terms of the crypto currency community.” A challenger candidate who has recently revealed he crossed the Democratic National Committee’s threshold of 65,000 donors to participate in the first candidate debates, Yang is also the founder of Venture For America (VFA) — a non-profit accelerator for start-ups for emerging cities. In April, he published a national framework for digital assets re..

Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior Owner Unveils Blockchain Platform to Verify...

LVMH brands including Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior are already involved in the platform. ConsenSys has teamed up with LVMH and Microsoft to build a blockchain-powered platform that allows consumers to verify the authenticity of luxury goods, according to a news release on May 16. The consortium says the system, known as Aura, is designed to “serve the entire luxury industry with powerful product tracking and tracing services.” LVMH brands including Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior are already involved in the project — and discussions are underway to extend Aura to other high-end names within the group. The news release added: “AURA makes it possible for consumers to access the product history and proof of authenticity of luxury goods — from raw materials to the point of sale, all the way to second-hand markets.” The technology sees unique information about every product stored on a shared ledger. Customers are then able to use a brand’s official app to obtain a certificate offerin..
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