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Kudelski Partners With Smart Contracts Auditor Hosho on Blockchain Security Solutions

Cybersecurity firm Kudelski Security has partnered with smart contracts auditing firm Hosho to pool resources in order to provide greater security for blockchain ecosystems. Cybersecurity solutions provider Kudelski Security has entered a strategic partnership with smart contracts auditing firm Hosho in order to provide greater security for blockchain ecosystems. The news was announced in a press release from Kudelski on March 19. As Cointelegraph auf Deutsch previously reported, Kudelski Security — a Swiss-born, stalwart tech security solutions provider whose multinational operations run from locations across Europe and the United States — launched a Blockchain Security Center (BSC) this January. Kudelski, which has expertise in the field of applied cryptography, says it established the partnership with Las Vegas-based Hosho in order to extend the capabilities of the BSC and combine the companies’ respective skill sets. The goal of the partnership is to provide more robust security s..

Investment Project MPH-ONE Revolutionizing the World of Blockchain-smartphones!

MPHONE is a grandiose ICO project, the main goal of which is development, production and sale of innovative smartphone Mining-phone. We provide every wishing person with the opportunity to join our project and get profit from several directions of activity. The MPHONE company works in the format of a crowdfunding project to enable financial interaction with potential investors. Our task is an incremental development of the world’s first Blockchain-smartphone with a set of three unique functions in one device. With our smartphone you can:carry out mining of digital currencies;trade cryptocurrencies;securely store personal data thanks to the unique AES encryption algorithm with a 256-bit key, TwoFish chip and call encryption!Our experts have prepared an excellent investment offer for each project participant. Join CCN for $9.99 per month and get an ad-free version of CCN including discounts for future events and services. Support our journalists today. Click here to sign up.Each investo..

Kakao Affiliate Dunamu Launches Blockchain Service Platform

Kakao’s fintech arm Dunamu is reportedly launching a blockchain service platform designed to help companies start businesses. Dunamu, the fintech arm of South Korea’s largest Internet corporation Kakao, is reportedly launching a blockchain service platform designed to help companies start businesses using blockchain. Korea’s JoongAng Daily reported the news on March 19. The platform, which is called Luniverse and supervised by blockchain technology research lab Lambda256, is geared to help IT startups develop blockchain-based services. The platform reportedly has a high level of security and an automated scaling function, that can adjust blockchain sizes in accordance with the amount of data stored on it. To implement the service, Dunamu reportedly collaborated with blockchain companies that provided various blockchain apps and products following clients’ business fields. Park Jae-hyun, CEO and former research head of Lambda256 said that “in the past, a lot of companies built their ow..

BitGo Launches Custody for Blockchain Capital’s Security Token BCAP

BitGo clients will be able to hold their BCAP assets using qualified and regulated custody service BitGo Trust Company. Blockchain security firm and wallet service BitGo has announced support for Blockchain Capital’s ERC-20 token, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph on March 19. Blockchain Capital’s BCAP token is a security token based on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain that was launched in a $10 million initial coin offering (ICO) back in April 2017. BCAP represents an indirect economic interest to the limited partnership interest in the tokenized investment fund, and is the world’s first security token that was sold in an ICO. According to the recent BitGo announcement, BitGo users will now be able to hold their BCAP assets using BitGo Trust Company, a qualified and regulated custodian that provides compliant custody for security tokens. As a part of the announcement, BitGo has also introduced its multi-signature wallet security. Ben Chan, BitGo’s chief technology o..

Blockchain Startup Bison Trails Receives $5.25 Mln Investment Backed by Galaxy...

Following a series seed round backed by Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital, Bison Trail will soon launch its blockchain infrastructure. New blockchain startup Bison Trails has received an investment of $5.25 million in a seed round backed by Mike Novogratz’s crypto merchant bank Galaxy Digital. The firm announced the fundraising in a Medium post on March 15. Led by two early stage venture capital firms Initialized Capital and Accomplice, the series seed round was also backed by both Galaxy Digital and blockchain-focused asset management firm Distributed Global. Other investors included Notation Capital, Homebrew and Charge Ventures. Bison Trails’ blockchain infrastructure is designed to offer a way to launch secure, available and geographically distributed nodes on a participatory blockchain network, the press release notes. The Bison Trails platform enables a number of blockchain tools including staking, validating, voting, transacting and securing blockchain protocols. Accomplice has c..

Blockchain and AI: Leading the Way to the Fourth Industrial Revolution...

As the Fourth Industrial Revolution approaches, blockchain and AI are starting to be used by companies together, rather than separately. Human imagination and the strive to turn science fiction into science fact goes back to ancient times, but has only truly begun to manifest itself in the last 50 years. Though mostly unseen by average users, artificial intelligence (AI) is already deeply embedded in the basic processes people have become accustomed to. Blockchain technology has come to the forefront in much the same way AI had, through a long development process full of trials, tribulations, ignorance and triumphs over skeptics and critics alike. The application potential for blockchain is no less extensive than it is for AI — and today, these technologies are more complementary than competitive in their natures. Both AI and blockchain work on the principle of analyzing vast amounts of data and solving the issues of specific industries. Just as AI found its applications in the fintec..

Seoul Medical Center to Launch Blockchain Tech Project With Korean Science,...

A South Korean hospital plans to improve the accuracy of its healthcare data by using a blockchain-based platform. A major hospital in South Korea’s capital city has announced plans to launch a blockchain-based platform aimed to improve its medical services. The news was reported by the Daily Medi, a healthcare sector-focused Korean news outlet, on March 17. According to the publication, the “Smart Hospital” project was jointly developed by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT and the Seoul Medical Center, and aims to improve data accuracy and reduce processing timing for the aforementioned hospital. The article also states: “Seoul Medical Center will build an automated, personalized, integrated medical information platform by providing electronic prescription delivery, certificate issuance, and insurance claims through the blockchain-based system.” The Smart Hospital project is one of the 2019 blockchain-based public project development plans issued by the Korea Internet and Securi..

Québécois Regulator Calls for Investors in Non-Compliant Blockchain Firm to Come...

Québec’s financial markets regulator has asked investors in Blockchain Lab to come forward. Québec’s financial markets regulator has asked investors in the firm Laboratoire Blockchain to come forward, now that the firm and associated individuals face a sweep of injunctive orders over their alleged violations of securities laws. The appeal was made in an official statement published on March 18. The AMF (l'Autorité des marchés financiers) states that the Québécois Financial Markets Administrative Tribunal (TMF) issued a series of injunctive orders against Laboratoire Blockchain (also known as Blockchain Lab) and three associated individuals — Jonathan Forte, Benjamin Forte and Nicolas Barbasch-Bouchard — on March 12. The orders, issued due to alleged breaches of national securities laws, prohibit the defendants from all activities related to the promotion and transaction of securities. They also stipulate that the defendants must not dispose of any funds or cryptocurrencies, as we..

TNW: Craig Wright Filed 114 Blockchain-Related Patents Since 2017

Craig Wright has reportedly filed over 100 blockchain-related patents since 2017, in addition to some pertaining to smart contracts and digital assets. Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist who has sometimes claimed to be Bitcoin (BTC) creator Satoshi Nakamoto, has reportedly applied for a slew of blockchain-related patents since 2017. Tech news site The Next Web (TNW) published its research regarding Wright’s patent filings on March 18. TNW reports that, since August 2017, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has published 155 patent applications filed by Wright. As with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the WIPO publishes patent applications to notify the public that there is a potential new technology in a certain industry or space. Wright will only receive proprietary control over the patents’ contents if they are formally awarded by the WIPO. Per TNW, whether the WIPO awards a patent is dependent on if the office deems it sufficiently innovati..

Report: Number of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Lobbies Tripled in 2018

Lobbying on blockchain and crypto has reportedly grown on K Street, having tripled over the past year. The number of lobbies working on blockchain technology issues in Washington D.C. tripled in 2018, politics-oriented news outlet Politico reported on March 18. The number of entities lobbying on digital currencies and blockchain reportedly grew almost thrice in the course of the past year, reaching 33 projects in the fourth quarter of 2018 compared to 12 in the same period of 2017. Jerry Brito — executive director at the non-profit organization Coin Center that works with Reps. Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) and Darren Soto (D-Fla.), both known for their cryptocurrency-friendly attitude — reportedly suggested that the growth is driven by securities regulation. In January, Soto stated that most cryptocurrencies should not be regulated under the country’s securities regulator. According to Soto, crypto should be overseen by the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission and Federal Trade Comm..
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