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New President of Crypto Valley Association: “We Need to Bring the...

How Crypto Valley Association is cleaning up its reputation and will promote blockchain technology. It was rumbling in the beginning of February in Swiss Zug. The Crypto Valley Association (CVA) was undergoing a major reorganization. On Thursday, Jan. 31, the General Assembly of the Association elected former Swisscom manager Daniel Haudenschild as president of the CVA and the successor to Oliver Bussmann. The former CVA’s president, Oliver Bussmann, had announced last November — together with the members Vasily Suvorov, René Hüsler and Nicolas Schobinger — not to run for reelection at the General Assembly. The former SAP and UBS manager, who runs a consulting firm in Zug, had been controversial, according to media reports. According to, he and other members had been accused of using the organization for personal business. Haudenschild, the new president of the CVA, was — until the end of January — the CEO of the blockchain advisory unit of Swiss state-owned telecommunicati..

Lucid Sight Raises $6 Million to Bring Its DLT-Powered Games to...

DLT-powered games developer Lucid Sight will use a total of $11 million in funding to launch Scarcity Engine later this year. Blockchain games developer Lucid Sight has raised $6 million to expand its digital scarcity-powered games to traditional game platforms, tech news website VentureBeat reports April 2. Los Angeles-based Lucid Sight now has $11 million in funding to expand offerings of its digital ownership games company by bridging the gap between blockchain and traditional gaming. Leading investment bank and wealth management firm Salem Partners participated in the new funding round, as well as crypto and blockchain venture capital funds such as Digital Currency Group and the Galaxy EOS VC Fund. According to the report, the company will use the investment to launch Scarcity Engine, a software developer tool that is designed to introduce Lucid Sight’s blockchain-powered games on gaming platforms such as consoles, PCs and mobile devices. The tool is scheduled to be launched later..

Ex-IBM Chair: No Solution Yet Found to Bring Public Blockchains Under...

Sam Palmisano says he doesn’t know of a solution that has been found to make public blockchain networks compatible with European data privacy laws. Sam Palmisano — retired IBM chairman and current chairman of United States nonprofit The Center for Global Enterprise — says he doesn’t know of a solution that has been found to make public blockchain networks compatible with European data privacy laws. Palmisano made his remarks during a joint interview for Bloomberg Markets with David Kappos, partner at U.S. law firm Cravath, Swaine & Moore, which was broadcast on the Bloomberg Technology channel on March 4. Palmisano and Kappos focused on the interaction between blockchain innovation and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — a landmark European Union-wide legal framework for personal data privacy, which took effect in May 2018. Kappos recently co-authored a research paper — in conjunction with multinational law firm Slaughter and May and The Digital Supply Chain Institute — th..

Fundstrat Expects 2019 to Bring Incremental Improvements Supporting Higher Crypto Prices

Fundstrat Global Advisors issues its 2019 crypto outlook stating that the major coins will soon recover. New York-based research company Fundstrat Global Advisors has released its 2019 crypto outlook on Friday, Feb. 8. The analysts describe incremental improvements that will purportedly support higher prices for cryptocurrencies. Tom Lee, Fundstrat’s co-founder and pro-crypto Wall Street analyst, commented on the study in his Twitter. He posted an introduction to the study and infographics that trace key market tendencies from 2017 to now. “We see 9 incremental improvements in the landscape that ultimately support higher prices,” Lee’s tweet states. The preview of the introduction chapter provides a brief assessment of 2018, which, according to Fundstrat, has brought a lot of disappointment. The analysts state that negative headwinds, such as the initial coin offering (ICO) post-hangover, adverse regulatory developments and excessive exuberance have reversed some of crypto’s achieveme..

Irish Red Cross Partners on Blockchain-Powered App to Bring Transparency to...

A Dublin-headquartered startup has teamed up with the Irish Red Cross to use blockchain technology in a new app. A Dublin-headquartered startup has teamed up with the Irish Red Cross to use blockchain technology in a new app that improves transparency for charitable donations. The partnership was reported by local daily broadsheet The Irish Times on Dec. 19. The startup, dubbed AID:Tech, is partnering with the Red Cross for use of its consumer-oriented mobile app “TraceDonate,” which has been designed so that donors know exactly how their contributions to charitable causes are being spent. By improving transparency around the distribution of charity, the app aims to boost trust and engagement in social causes. It allows retail or institutional users to donate peer-to-peer to an individual beneficiary, an NGO or to specific charitable appeals. Through the shared ledger, AID:Tech’s partners — including governments, NGOs and development agencies, as well as donors — can monitor transacti..

‘Creating DApps Can Be Simple’: Platform to Bring Decentralized Economy to...

sponsored A new project from Dubai, HetaChain, is developing a universal blockchain platform with “industrial scale computational capabilities.” The project is intended to make blockchain more easy-to-use and flexible for regular users and developers. HetaChain aims to help governmental services, businesses, and organizations create decentralized applications (DApps) and integrate them into different industries, such as banking, e-commerce, robotics, and healthcare. Solving blockchain issuesThe new Heta Blockchain 3.0 Platform, launched in 2018 by Relam Investment and its founder, Sultan Ali Rashed Lootah, runs a hybrid of the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) and a Byzantine fault tolerance (BFT) consensus mechanisms which are designed to bring security to fight against cyberattacks. According to the company, the hybrid consensus algorithm will be able to handle most of the challenges that many blockchain platforms are currently facing. These limitations include issues with security, d..

NEM (XEM) Partners With VNX Exchange To Bring The Crypto-Economy Closer...

NEM (XEM) is one of the leading blockchain application platforms in the world. The blockchain project recently secured a strategic partnership with VNX Exchange. VNX exchange is eh trading platform and marketplace for tokenized venture capital assets in the world. With this partnership, both entities plan to revolutionize the creation of security tokens on the blockchain. NEM (XEM) and VNX Exchange want to develop standards and protocols for operating security tokens on the blockchain of NEM (XEM). They want to set a standard that will remain strong all through the entire life cycle of the blockchain. The trading platform will lower financial roadblocks and unlock venture capital as a class of asset for a more global and extensive investor base. This will also increase the token holders of NEM (XEM). Alexander Tkachenko’s Comment Alexander Tkachenko is the founder and CEO of VNX Exchange. In a blog post, the CEO said: “VNX Exchange’s partnership with NEM (XEM) as well as the opport..

Gold-Based Monetary System to Bring Price Stability to Crypto, Preventing Value...

sponsored A company offers digital currencies based 1:1 on allocated physical gold and silver. The ownership of the gold is digitized with blockchain technology. Gold-based monetary system Kinesis aims to bring price stability to the world of cryptocurrency and to prevent the decrease of its value. The company says it has already attracted interest from key players in the gold industry, which is estimated at $6.8 trillion only on London’s gold market (70 percent of the global trading volume). After the gold standard that once defined the value of currencies was abandoned in the 20th century, the monetary system became dependent on central banking policies. The Kinesis team decided to create its own “efficient, secure and fair monetary system” based on two of the most stable commodities in the world — gold and silver. “There is [approximately] $15 trillion in gold traded every year, creating exceptional but untapped potential for investment and exchange if gold can be remonetized. Add..

US Judge Rules to Bring Alleged Cryptocurrency Scam Under CFTC Oversight

A U.S. federal district judge has ruled that an allegedly fraudulent crypto token meets the definition of a commodity. A U.S. federal district judge has ruled that an allegedly fraudulent crypto token meets the definition of a commodity, bringing the case under regulators’ purview, Finance Feeds reports September 27. Judge Rya W. Zobel of the Massachusetts District Court ruled Sept. 25 against a motion to dismiss a case that had been launched by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) against an allegedly fraudulent crypto scheme known as “My Big Coin Pay Inc.,” reported to have been based in the state of Nevada. The CFTC had sued tech entrepreneur Randall Crater, and other relief defendants tied to his firm, for allegedly violating the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) by manipulating investors to buy My Big Coin (MBC) via a series of misleading or false statements. A total of 28 investors are purported to have been defrauded of a collective $6 million, having been led to believe ..

VegaWallet to Bring Comprehensive Crypto Platform to Expand Banking Services

Advertisement This is a sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. Cryptocurrency offers great promise to expand banking services, but exchanges typically are plagued by extensive wait time for transactions, lengthy wait times to activate new members, high fees and numerous security issues. Another important issue is the restrictions customers face in spending crypto assets in real-world scenarios. Cryptocurrency assets often sit idle in exchanges for extended time periods, waiting to convert back to fiat. The wait in itself often results in additional fees. Because of all these issues, the average person has not been able to take advantage of cryptocurrency’s opportunities. Some exchanges have had to halt account creation in order to upgrade their security precautions on an ongoing basis. Others have been forced to close on account of thefts, costing customers millions of d..
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