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Maltese Celebrities Notify Police After False Report of Involvement in Crypto...

A Maltese actor and two TV show hosts notify the police following a fake news article about their involvement in a crypto investment scheme. A Maltese actor and two hosts of a local TV show have notified the police after a false report that they are involved in a Bitcoin investment scheme called “Bitcoin Revolution.” The story was reported by the Malta Independent and Malta Today on Thursday, Jan. 10. As per the Malta Independent, an article with a fake endorsement of Bitcoin Revolution was initially published on a website called Major News. It depicted two hosts of the One Breakfast show, Wayne Sammut and Elaine Degiorgio, and falsely claimed that Davide Tucci, a Maltese actor and TV star, was a guest on their show. Major News continued its false report by claiming that Tucci convinced Degiorgio — as they were “on air” — to make a 250 euro deposit to a trading platform called Bitcoin Revolution, which supposedly had helped himself out of bankruptcy. The money invested during the fake..

Could Blockchain Help Celebrities Cryptonize Their Fame?

Advertisement This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. A Singapore start-up is creating value for celebrities and their fans by letting them interact directly through the start-up’s platform. A big part of the project consists of allowing the celebrities to undertake charitable causes and monetize their daily lives. The platforms Forbes India reports that Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) CEO Jeffrey Lin “always dreamt of a day where he could get up close and shake hands with his favorite celebrity, Michael Jackson.” This dream was turned into to GCOX, which aims to bridge the celebrity-fan gap. The team intends to achieve this by creating platforms where celebrities will be able to have a token offering. Their tokens can be used on the Celebreneur, Celeb-Connect and Celeb-Charity platforms. Celebreneur The white paper explains the “three programs..
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