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IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson Announces Upcoming Release of Cardano v1.6

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of IOHK, says that version 1.6 of Cardano is set to roll out within days. Charles Hoskinson, a former CEO of the Ethereum Network and current CEO of IOHK, has announced that IOHK-supported project Cardano is rolling out version 1.6 within a few days’ time. Hoskinson teased the upcoming launch in a Twitter post on Aug. 13. Hoskinson also asked users to send screenshots and comments on the latest version of Daedalus, which is an open source cryptocurrency wallet also backed by IOHK. As per IOHK’s website, Cardano is a blockchain platform that uses the proof of stake algorithm Ouroboros. Its native cryptocurrency, ADA, is based on the functional programming language Haskell. Daedalus, for its part, is the only cryptocurrency wallet that supports ADA. Additionally, the website states that Daedalus can also be used as a wallet manager to organize and provide backup for other wallets and their assets. A new project for HoskinsonAs previously reported by Cointelegr..

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Talks About Global Adoption Of Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Maximalism...

Cardano News Today – Founding leaders in the cryptocurrency space often have a strong interest in the promotion of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as a whole and not just on promoting the major tokens of interest. The founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, is one of the major contributors to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space who is always willing to offer his opinion about everything and not just cryptocurrencies. Recently, during an interview with Cryptoglobe, Hoskinson talked about Bitcoin maximalism, internet trolls and global adoption of cryptocurrencies. Cardano News Today – Cryptocurrency News Today – Cardano Talks About The Future Of Cryptocurrencies During the interview, he was asked about why he initially developed interest in cryptocurrencies. In reply, he said that he stumbled upon blockchain and cryptocurrencies many years ago and he developed an interest in the technology because he came to saw that it was more than just a philosophy and was something tha..

Charles Hoskinson Thinks Cardano Will Prevail Over Libra in Emerging Markets

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson sees emerging markets as huge reservoirs of future customers, but succeeding in them depends on relationships. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson claimed that emerging markets are where cryptocurrencies matter, and that Facebook’s announced virtual currency Libra is not going to find success in this area, according to a report by Finance Magnates on June 26. According to Hoskinson, emerging markets are the future. He says: “Emerging markets are where cryptocurrencies matter [...] When I look at the developed world, I don’t care. It’s highly regulated and, in many cases, a rigged system. If I decide to compete with a tech company they can just push me out via regulation. [...] Then I sit down with the prime minister of Georgia and he says, ‘we’re open for business.’ We can rebuild parts of their education infrastructure, create a new payments system or do a medical records system. The keys to the kingdom are right there. That’s 4 million people who in t..

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Says ADA Will Beat Facebook’s Libra In Emerging...

Cardano News Today – Everyone has been talking about the upcoming Facebook cryptocurrency, Libra. Apparently, this cryptocurrency is going to be a threat to traditional financial institutions and other cryptocurrencies according to members of the cryptocurrency community. The founders of blockchains, on the other hand, don’t feel the same way. As stated in our previous XRP news, the CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse has said that the emergence of the Facebook cryptocurrency is going to be a good thing for the cryptocurrency market. Now, Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson has said that he doesn’t believe Libra can overtake Facebook in emerging markets. Cardano News Today – Cardano Price Prediction – Cardano Future Forecast – Cardano Vs. Libra In Emerging Markets For a while now, Hoskinson has been traveling around the world and pitching Cardano’s technology to everyone who is willing to listen. Finance Magnets had the privilege of conducting an interview with Hoskinson at a Tel Aviv workshop. ..

As Cardano Shelley Upgrade Draws Nearer, Charles Hoskinson Encourages Community To...

Cardano News Today – The entire Cardano community has been waiting patiently for the Cardano Shelley upgrade. This upgrade is going to change the game for Cardano and lead to a surge in the price of ADA. A few months ago, the co-founder of the Cardano blockchain, Charles Hoskinson, said that the blockchain is going to become 100 times more decentralized than Bitcoin after the Cardano Shelley is activated. This, among other features, will drive the mass adoption of Cardano and set the stage for it to take over Ethereum, the current leading host of smart contract and decentralized applications. Recently, Hoskinson gave another speech about the future of Cardano and the upcoming Shelley upgrade. Cardano News Today – Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Urges Community To Prepare For Shelley Upgrade During the recent blockchain event which took place in Japan, Hoskinson asked the Cardano community to prepare for the Cardano Shelley upgrade. According to him, the success of failure of the blockchai..

How Will The Collaboration Between Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson And Polymath Affect...

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson is one of the most prominent members of the cryptocurrency community. Before he became the co-founder of Cardano, he was a co-founder of the foremost decentralised computer in the world, Ethereum. Over time, he has made meaningful contributions in the Cardano community and in the cryptocurrency community as a whole. Most of the positive Cardano news you hear about partnerships and developments were made possible due to the effort of Charles Hoskinson and his team. Recently, Hoskinson announced that he was entering into a collaboration with Polymath. Members of the Cardano community have had debates regarding what this collaboration would mean for the Cardano price prediction 2019 and Cardano price prediction 2020. Will it affect the price of Cardano? Will it affect the development of the Cardano blockchain? Cardano Price Prediction 2019 – Cardano Price Prediction 2020 – Cardano News Today – Cardano ADA News – Charles Hoskinson Joins Polymath Polymath is a s..

Charles Hoskinson to Launch Security Token Blockchain With Polymath

The Ethereum co-founder will work to build a platform dedicated to compliant security token development. Security token platform Polymath will build a separate blockchain for regulation-compliant tokens with an Ethereum (ETH) co-founder, the company confirmed in a blog post on May 13. Polymath, which has already contributed to the launch of over 100 security tokens, will now work with Charles Hoskinson on a new project dubbed Polymesh. Hoskinson, who after Ethereum became known for his subsequent cryptocurrency projects Cardano (ADA) and IOHK, will leverage his expertise to inform the development of the new platform. The partners confirmed the plans at the ongoing Consensus 2019 conference Monday. “There are quadrillions of dollars of financial securities, and building a blockchain to secure them is an incredibly exciting task,” Hoskinson commented in the blog post. Polymesh will form the basis for developers to launch security tokens tailored to market needs while fully compliant wit..

Prince Charles Recalls He Thinks Blockchain Is ‘Very Interesting’

The British monarch responded enthusiastically when quizzed about his knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency. One of the United Kingdom royal family’s most prominent members believes blockchain is an interesting development, according to candid comments he gave during a meet and greet on May 7. While visiting Berlin, Prince Charles engaged with spectators outside the Brandenburg Gate, at one point responding to a question from a cryptocurrency Twitter community member. “What do you think about bitcoins? Blockchain, bitcoins, cryptocurrency?” the fan asked Charles, who at first appeared confused. Afterwards, he seemed to remember that he was aware of the technology, and then he responded: “Blockchain...very interesting development.” While the U.K. government has taken a conservative stance on cryptocurrency that has been interpreted as negative, the royals have so far remained quieter about the phenomenon. Other high-profile establishment figures are becoming more vocal. As Cointel..

Charles Hoskinson Criticizes ETH, EOS’s ‘Lone Samurai’ Development Approach

Co-founder of Ethereum and IOHK Charles Hoskinson criticized Ethereum and EOS’s approach to development. Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) and IOHK, the company behind Cardano (ADA), has criticized Ethereum and EOS’s approach to development. Hoskinson made his comments during an interview with business news outlet Fortune published on April 9. During the interview, Hoskinson noted that most protocols publish all their code open source and free from patents, explaining that ideas which Cardano or most other crypto development teams come up with can be used by other teams. This, he claims, is different from EOS’s approach and the way in which Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm Casper is being developed: “This is a stark contrast to the development you see with things like EOS or with Ethereum with Casper, where they kind of adopt this lone samurai viewpoint.” Hoskinson noted that Ethereum and EOS’s approach to development, which centers around strong leadership ..

Charles Hoskinson-Backed Prediction Service Launches, Offers ERC-20 Token Price Insights

Endor’s new protocol leverages artificial intelligence and targets ERC-20 tokens as one of its use cases. Predictive analytics firm Endor has launched a blockchain-powered tool allowing businesses and cryptocurrency holders to ask and answer questions based on big data. The company confirmed the launch in a press release provided to Cointelegraph on April 4. Endor, founded by two MIT researchers, has offered enterprise prediction solutions since 2014. Today’s announcement reports on the newly added Endor Protocol, which will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze data sets. In addition to business strategy, the protocol will also be able to offer insights into areas such as ERC-20 token performance, executives say, including likely price and volume behavior. The protocol has its own token, EDR, which has circulated since June 2018, several months after Endor completed its initial coin offering (ICO). Endor’s product has the ability to analyze encrypted data without decryptin..
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