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Cardano and Ethereum Co-Founder Charles Hoskinson Joins Predictive Analytics Firm

Predictive analytics firm Endor has onboarded Charles Hoskinson, who will deliver guidance and counsel in respect to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. Cardano (ADA) CEO and Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Charles Hoskinson has joined predictive analytics firm Endor. The company announced the appointment in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Feb. 4. Established in 2014, Endor claims to be the first automated predictions engine in the field of business decision-making by means of a blockchain-based and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered analytical platform. Last spring, Endor reportedly raised $45 million in a token pre-sale for its predictive analytics technology. According to the press release, Endor has onboarded Hoskinson as a senior advisor, who will provide guidance and counsel in respect to the cryptocurrency industry, decentralization, and blockchain strategy. Additionally, Hoskinson will purportedly lead a new strategic project, the essence of which has not be..

Bitcoin Cash SV Will Hit $1 Million According To Ryan X....

The Bitcoin Cash fork war was one of the reasons for the price crash we experienced recently. As the BCHSV and BCHABC camps struggle for dominance, the entire market suffered the lose. Craig Wright, the creator and chief advocate of the BCHSV network threatened to seize power of the blockchain and take over the right to make decisions. However, BCHABC became the winner of the hash war as it took over more hash power than BCHSV after the war began. The price of both coins have been plummeting since along with other cryptocurrencies in the industry but started recovering yesterday. Bitcoin Cash SV To Reach $1 Million? The former Reddit crypto lead Ryan X. Charles has said that there are two options regarding the future of Bitcoin SV. According to him, there is no middle ground. The cryptocurrency might either go high astronomically or fall to point zero. The tweet he posted on Friday clearly showed that he is an advocate of BCHSV. In his words: “There are two long-term possibilities: ..

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Talks About A Breakthrough In Cryptocurrency Interoperability

The co-founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, who is also the CEO of IOHK, the organization behind Cardano (ADA) has just announced that he and his development team has crossed a milestone in providing a solution for blockchain interoperability. The paper, which was released by IOHK, shows a significant step forward in interoperability with blockchains that still run on the proof of work algorithm. The paper gives vivid explanations on how it has contributed to blockchain development. Hoskinson said: “In this research paper, we introduced the first ever trustless construction that can be applied to proof of work sidechains. We also talk about how to build generic communications between different blockchains”. SEE ALSO: Decentraland And Ripio Come Together For Crypto Mortgage Service That Will Users Take Out LAND Mortgages Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD Name Price24H (%)$0.073924 -0.86% One of the applications listed on the paper is about creating a two-way pegged asset that c..

Charles Hoskinson Talks About How Rust Could Expand The Reach Of...

The blockchain space is one of the most competitive industries in the world, and only blockchain projects with much developments and partnerships around them tend to trend in the blockchain space. As a result, a lot of blockchain projects in the crypto space have been working hard to make sure their blockchain projects and digital currencies remain relevant in the crypto space. $75M raised already. Hurry up! Neluns ICO Ends in just 1 day! Up to 35% extra-bonus. Don't Miss Out! One of the most competitive digital currency in the crypto space is Cardano (ADA), and the founder, as well as the Foundation of the digital currency, have been thriving to promote the digital currency. SEE ALSO: Cryptocurrency Prices List Live Chart: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Cardano (ADA), Litecoin (LTC), NEM (XEM) - Thu Oct 4 Cardano’s First Open Source Project – Rust Recently, Charles Hoskinson – the founder of Cardano (ADA) – talked about the anniversary of the..

Charles Schwab Exec Joins Coinbase Board

San Francisco-based crypto exchange Coinbase has hired on Charles Schwab board member Chris Dodds. Chris Dodds, who serves on the board of directors of the Charles Schwab Corporation, has joined cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase's board of directors, according to an announcement published October 2. The Charles Schwab Corporation is a brokerage, banking and financial advisory services firm based in San Francisco. Per the firm’s annual report, the company had $3.36 trillion in client assets, 10.8 million active brokerage accounts, and 1.2 million banking accounts, as of December 2017. In addition to the Coinbase board, Dodds will reportedly contribute to the exchange’s expansion in terms of financial services capabilities. According to the announcement, Dodds has held various leading financial positions in treasury, corporate development, and financial planning and analysis. At Charles Schwab, Dodds has worked as VP of corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions, as well as trea..

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Is Following the Trend of Bitcoin (BTC): Charles...

The creator of Cardano (ADA) and co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) – Charles Hoskinson recently talked about Ethereum Classic (ETC) at the Ethereum Classic summit that took place in South Korea. The creator of Cardano (ADA) is very bullish on Ethereum Classic (ETC), not just as a digital currency but as a blockchain project. Hoskinson stated that since Ethereum Classic (ETC) was launched, it has taken after the original culture of Bitcoin (BTC), adding that ETC could end up following Bitcoin (BTC)’s path in the future. Why Charles Hoskinson Believes Ethereum Classic Is Following the Path of Bitcoin (BTC) Hoskinson believes that ETC is similar to BTC simply because it’s a project that is maintained by a few numbers of people. Unlike other blockchain projects that depend on an entire community of engineers and developers, Ethereum Classic (ETC) is maintained by a close-knit team, in the way Bitcoin (BTC) was from inception. This, in return, allows for nimble growth and more efficient governa..

Charles Hoskinson Is Changing The Blockchain Industry With Cardano (ADA)

The blockchain technology is the future and different new generation blockchains are trying to stay at the vanguard of this future. One of the projects that is doing remarkably well is Cardano. The 10th largest cryptocurrency per market capitalization has a market capitalization that is over a billion dollars. Since its inception in 2015, Cardano (ADA) has made a lot of progress and Charles Hoskinson is taking the lead in the development and promotion of the blockchain platform. Cardano has surpassed other similar projects such as IOTA and TRON but Charles Hoskinson doesn’t intend to stop there. SEE ALSO: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Trades Below A Significant Moving Average In Today's Price Analysis Charles Hoskinson To Change The Industry With Cardano From one project to the other, Charles Hoskinson has made his intention towards revolutionizing the blockchain industry through Cardano clear. By manipulating the Proof of Stake consensus with the Ouroboros protocol, Charles Hoskinson has ..
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