Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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‘First’ Collectible on Two Blockchains: ‘The Cutest Crypto Game’ Now Available...

sponsored The players can now breed both ETH and EOS-based virtual pets. Blockchain Cuties, a decentralized crypto collectible game operating on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, has announced that it is now available on EOS. The developer company says the new step makes Blockchain Cuties “the first game which officially supports two blockchains simultaneously.” This is supposed to make transactions faster and the players can now breed both ETH and EOS-based cuties. Non-fungible tokens supportThe game announced that from now, players can log in to the game using their EOS Wallet and start breeding their first EOS cuties. Blockchain Cuties says importing the private key will take less than a minute – after entering the system the private key will be secured by storing locally. In order to start the game, the players should allocate CPU/Bandwidth and RAM – the resources that users have in the EOS blockchain. The company says that the amount of staked tokens can be “unstaked” at any time. ..

Crypto Collectible Game Announces New Battles. Players Get Paid If They...

sponsored Collectible crypto game offers players the chance to get together to fight common enemies and earn rewards. The crypto collectible game, Blockchain Cuties, has announced Raid Boss Battles, a new everyday server event. The game promises winners will get unique ERC-20 CUTE tokens as rewards, according to their input in winning. New game featuresIn the new battle, there is one common enemy which is a Raid Boss, a special powerful Cutie who has unique abilities. All of the players (the main requirement for them is to be level 5+ Cuties) will be able to stand against the foe. The Raid Boss can be an Ancient Black Dragon, a Crystal Ether Monster, or a Wasteland Knight. Еach of the Raid Bosses is always a tailored experience that can be beaten by any Cutie eligible to fight it. In order to win, the user has to be aware of the Raid Bosses weaknesses which can be activated by sending a proper pet into a battle. This weakness changes every day. For example, if today’s Raid Boss can b..

Blockchain Collectible Games, Explained

You can collect art, fine wines and toys in the real world — but what about collectibles on blockchain? Here is everything you need to know. What are crypto collectibles?A crypto collectible is a digital asset. Unlike common tokens, which are identical and easily exchanged, crypto collectibles are non-fungible tokens. This is because their unique attributes mean that no two are the same, hence they are usually irreplaceable. There are a plethora of things that can be collected — from cats to celebrities, and from politicians to planets. In gaming environments, they can be swapped between players, and on other platforms, it’s possible to buy someone’s collectible without their permission — adding a competitive edge. Can money be made from digital collectibles?If you have a particularly rare or desirable collectible, potentially, yes. Generally, collectibles are categorized. Some of them are quite common while others have distinctive attributes which make them rare — or even ‘legendary..
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