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Data Research Firm: 96 Percent of Companies That Exist Today Will...

sponsored Inability to extract intelligence from the data will harm competitiveness, the company says. Anyone involved in marketing knows the adage as old as advertising itself: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” The reality may be worse though - not just a half, but an absolute majority of marketing budgets is wasted on customers that don’t generate enough profitability, says Peter Fader of the Wharton school of economics at the University of Pennsylvania. The rise of big data and analytics technology promises to change that situation. Today, decision-makers are increasingly able to tell a wasted marketing budget from an effective one. Nevertheless, few companies have what it takes to tap into big data riches, and the consequences may be dramatic. Singapore-based data science firm DATAVLT says that 99 percent of corporate data is wasted and never used to draw knowledge from it. Only one percent of the data companies collec..

JP Morgan Identifies Three Companies Whose Stock Could Benefit From Blockchain

Investment bank J.P. Morgan Chase has named three companies whose stock could benefit from their deployments of blockchain technology. Investment bank and financial services firm J.P. Morgan Chase has identified three public companies whose stock it believes will benefit from their applications of blockchain technology, CNBC reported Nov. 8. In a note to clients, J.P. Morgan reportedly forecast that IT companies will deploy blockchain in the same way that many firms claim to benefit from machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). As Cointelegraph reported yesterday, some companies have started to drop using the term “blockchain,” as they believe the word is overhyped and too often used as a marketing ploy. However, J.P. Morgan outlined three companies that will purportedly create “material incremental growth opportunities” from the technology. Per J.P. Morgan, those beneficiaries are American content delivery network and cloud service provider Akamai Technologies Inc., San Fra..

Report: Companies Dropping The Term ‘Blockchain’ Due to Hype Around Technology

A recent report by Forrester Research found that companies are stopping to use the word “blockchain” in favor of “DLT,” as they feel the word is overhyped. A new report from Forrester Research states that some companies are stopping to use the term “blockchain” because they think it is overhyped, business magazine Fortune reported Nov. 6. In the report dubbed “Predictions 2019: Distributed Ledger Technology,” analysts purportedly found that companies have started to withdraw “blockchain” in favor of “distributed ledger technology” (DLT). The study reportedly found that many firms are overhyping the usefulness of blockchain or using the name of the technology to repackage existing services, a practice the report describes as “blockchain washing.” The report also uses the term “blockchain washing” to refer to when “networks that are live or under development vary greatly and frequently lack key characteristics that many regard as essential components of a blockchain.” The researchers sa..

How to Profit on Uber and AirBnB With Crypto: Project Helps...

sponsored A U.S. based blockchain project, unveils a new security token concept that allows investing in private IT companies, like Uber, AirBnB, Grab, among others. BaseCore, a US-based blockchain project, reveals a new security token concept which allows investing in private IT companies, like Uber, AirBnB and Grab, among others. According to the project’s whitepaper, the BaseCore token is backed by a portfolio containing the assets of private IT companies. These assets are impossible to purchase on the stock market, as the companies are not public. The paper states, “This feature of the token allows it to become one of the most stable digital currencies on the market.” The BaseCore company aims to purchase shares from private IT companies and tokenize them by creating digital assets – the BaseCore security token. Additionally, the company has created its own exchange platform for buying, selling, and exchanging security tokens. The BaseCore token is a dual-purpose investment tool:..

Will Small Companies Beat Large Corporations if They Use Blockchain?

sponsored An American Blockchain startup aims for the mass adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain with a chain of agnostic protocols to process business transactions. An American startup is building a blockchain agnostic protocol in a bid to provide small businesses with affordable access to new technology, and drive the mass adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Opporty, with experienced founders from the U.S., has also set up a “trusted and verified services marketplace” on the Ethereum blockchain, with features such as smart contracts, decentralized escrow, and lead generation. The company believes its platform helps small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to compete with large corporations, without requiring large investments in technology and marketing. Widespread coverageBy now, Opporty has launched its platform’s localizations in China, the UK, Canada, the USA, and Australia. As the company reported to Cointelegraph, currently there are approximately up to 10 registratio..

Major Agriculture Companies Partner to Use Blockchain in Grain Trading

The world’s four largest agriculture companies, known as ABCD, are integrating blockchain for automating grain and oilseed post-trade execution processes. The world’s four largest agriculture companies, commonly known as ABCD, have partnered to digitize international grain trading by using blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, Reuters reports Thursday, Oct. 25. ABCD, composed of Archer Daniels Midland Co., Bunge Ltd., Cargill Inc., and Louis Dreyfus Co., states that blockchain implementation could make trading more efficient and transparent, as well as reduce costs. The conglomerate aims to digitize the system that has previously relied on paper contracts, invoices, and manual payments. According to grain industry news outlet World-Grain.com, blockchain and AI will be initially used to automate grain and oilseed post-trade execution processes, which are a highly manual and costly part of the supply chain. In the long run, ABCD plans to integrate blockchain technolo..

Time Magazine Includes Blockchain Startup in Its 50 ‘Genius Companies 2018’...

Time Magazine has put a blockchain startup from Ghana in its “Genius Companies” list for 2018, along with such companies as Apple, Netflix and SpaceX. American journal Time Magazine has included a blockchain startup in its recent top 50 “Genius Companies 2018" list, published Thursday, October 4. In putting together the list, the magazine asked their editors and correspondents to name "businesses that are inventing the future." Influence and success were among the criteria for the choice. Bitland, a blockchain startup based in Ghana, joined the list along with giants like Apple, Netflix, SpaceX and Domino’s. As Cointelegraph reported earlier, Bitland, founded by Ghana native Narigamba Mwinsuubo, uses blockchain to register local land. Bitland cooperates with local authorities to help record property rights in a decentralized, immutable format. Ghana is not the first African country to take on land property issues using blockchain. In August, the Zambian government announced its partne..

Report: Companies, Investors Circumvent Chinese ICO Ban

A Xinhua News Agency investigation revealed ways Chinese crypto investors are avoiding the country’s ICO ban. An investigation by the Xinhua News Agency has shown it is possible to bypass China’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) ban, according to an article published September 26. The investigation has shown that despite the government’s efforts to crack down on “ICO illegal financing,” investors can circumvent the law by using a “foreign shell” company, among other possibilities. Xinhua reports that after China’s crypto regulations became more stringent, domestic virtual currency exchanges went overseas for registration — while appearing to be shut down within the country — and were still able to “provide trading services to domestic users.” The agency specifically mentions Malta as a destination of choice, noting the existence of Chinese language versions of the now Malta-based companies. Xinhua also mentioned the use of Telegram messaging groups to coordinate with domestic Chinese users..

Oryx’s New Investment Platform Will Help Startup Companies

Advertisement This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the press release. September 18, 2018: Oryx is an investment platform that has one overarching goal: to create a secure and transparent financial environment for nascent companies. The Oryx ecosystem includes Nihilo, smart contracts, OryxCash, and OryxCoin. Together, the platform simplified the investment process and lowers the barriers that make it difficult for amateur investors to back blockchain projects. The end result is a symbiotic relationship that benefits both investors and startups. Obstacles Standing in the Way of ICOs As an industry, initial coin offerings have become one of the go-to methods for funding star..
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