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Ripple, Coinbase Invest in Mexico’s Biggest Crypto Exchange Bitso

Ripple, Coinbase invested an undisclosed amount in the first Mexican crypto exchange to help it expand to Brazil and Argentina. Ripple, the firm behind the third biggest cryptocurrency XRP, has led an investment round in Bitso, one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the Spanish-speaking world. The first Mexican crypto exchangeAn early partner of Bitso, Ripple has led the new investment round to support the first cryptocurrency exchange in Mexico, the company officially announced on Oct. 14. As reported by crypto publication The Block, the new investment round also involves major investors including United States-based crypto exchange and wallet provider Coinbase, Jump Capital as well as existing investors such as Digital Currency Group and Pantera Capital. The amount of investment has not been disclosed. Expanding to Argentina and BrazilAccording to the report, the raised funds will help Bitso expand its business to Argentina and Brazil, among other Latin American countries. As noted ..

N. Korean Hackers’ New MacOS Malware Hides Behind Fake Crypto Firm

The notorious North Korean hackers known as the Lazarus APT Group have created another malware targeting Apple Macs and cryptocurrency users. The notorious North Korean hackers known as the Lazarus APT Group have created another malware targeting Apple Macs that masquerades behind a fake cryptocurrency firm. Apple Mac security specialist and principal security researcher at Jamf Patrick Wardle published a blog post on Oct. 12 outlining the nature of the malware, revealed by MalwareHunterTeam (MHT) researchers the previous day. Closely related to earlier macOS crypto-malwareMHT and Wardle have warned that at the time of their warning, the malware was undetected by any engines on VirusTotal and that the sample appears to be closely related to a strain of Mac malware created by the Lazarus Group and identified by Kaspersky Labs back in summer 2018. Like the previous strain, the hackers have set up a fake cryptocurrency firm — this time dubbed “JMT Trading” — through which to perpetrate t..

Crypto IRS Audits: Hire Professionals or Do it Yourself?

The IRS is hunting crypto user identities. If you are audited, should you hire a professional or do it yourself? Do it yourself or outsource it? Rightly or wrongly, most people seem to fear the IRS, and an IRS audit can be daunting, even if it is entirely by correspondence. Most considerations are arguably the same in many different kinds of tax audits. However, crypto tax matters can be even more sensitive than many others. One reason is return filings and records. Let’s face it, many crypto investors have not been exactly scrupulous about filing taxes on time, reporting consistently, and keeping good records. After all, doing all of that isn’t easy, although it has gotten easier over the last year or two. Related: The IRS Is Blindly Coming After Cryptocurrency Traders — Here’s Why Another reason is the IRS focus on crypto. The IRS has said that virtual currency is an ongoing focus area for IRS criminal investigations, following its announcement on a Virtual Currency Compliance cam..

Sudden Cyworld Shutdown Puts Clink Crypto Investors at Risk: Report

South Korean social media platform Cyworld has shut down operations prompting concerns about the future of its Clink cryptocurrency. South Korea’s Cyworld social media platform shuttered its services on Oct. 1 without giving any prior notice, English-language local media The Korea Times reported on Oct. 14. What’s more, the website for its Clink (CKCT) crypto-asset has also become inaccessible. In response to the news, local cryptocurrency exchanges supporting Clink, namely CoinZest and BitSonic, are now considering delisting the token. Moreover, some investors who bought Clink are reportedly considering filing a lawsuit against Cyworld and its CEO, Jeon Jae-wan. Great losses are expected for investorsUnspecified industry officials reportedly estimate Clink investors to lose least 1 billion won (about $844,000) if the company does not set things straight. Twenty-four million units of the crypto asset were sold at 26 won per unit ($0.022) in an Initial Exchange Offering conducted on C..

Crypto ‘Sextortionists’ Turn to Litecoin to Avoid Detection: Report

Litecoin and other alts are becoming increasaingly prevalent among crypto “sextortionists” since they allow to avoid detection more easily, a new research says. Litecoin (LTC) and other alts are becoming increasingly prevalent among crypto “sextortionists” since they allow to avoid detection more easily, a new research says. According to cybersecurity firm Cofense’s new report published on Oct. 8, malicious actors are gradually starting to shift their focus from Bitcoin (BTC) to specifically avoid detection by specialized email filters. The report states: “As enterprises began writing detection rules to block those emails, threat actors modified the text by replacing it with an image, which prevented key words from being identified by Secure Email Gateways (SEGs). The bitcoin address was left as a plain text string in the email, so it could be easily copied.” Compromising browser history as leveragePer the report, perpetrators of “sextortion” usually claim that they have installed so..

Crypto and Blockchain News From Japan: Oct. 7–13 in Review

Joseph Lubin said that BTC and ETH are the only two successful coins in Cointelegraph’s weekly digest of news from Japan. Japan, the second-largest source of traffic for global crypto exchanges to date, witnessed a number of industry announcements this week as the country hosted the major blockchain event Devcon 5 from Oct. 8 to Oct. 11. Organized on an annual basis by the Ethereum Foundation, the recent Devcon conference featured leading figures in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, including Ethereum co-founders Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Lubin. Here is the past week of crypto and blockchain news in review, as originally reported by Cointelegraph Japan. MakerDAO to launch MCD in NovemberOn Oct. 9, Rune Christensen, the CEO of the Maker Foundation, announced plans to launch its Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) on Nov. 18. Speaking at Devcon 5 in Osaka, Christensen noted that MCD will unlock the Dai Savings Rate (DSR), a tool that allows Dai (DAI) stablecoin holders to earn inter..

Crypto Markets Report Mild Gains, While Binance Coin Jumps 7%

Bitcoin continues to bounce around the $8,400 price mark, while most altcoins report positive gains; Binance Coin is seeing daily gains of more than 7%. Sunday, Oct. 13 — Bitcoin (BTC) continues to bounce around the $8,400 price mark, while most of the top-20 coins by market capitalization report slight gains. Market visualization. Source: Coin360 Cryptocurrency markets are seeing mild gains, generally within a tight range of 1–2%. Binance Coin (BNB), the number eight coin by market capitalization, is the only top-20 coin that that stands out and is surging more than 7.5%. Bitcoin has been bouncing between $8,300 and $8,400 for most of the day. The world’s most popular cryptocurrency traded from an intraday low of around $8,330 up to its current trading price near $8,425, showing modest gains of around 1.2% in the past 24 hours. While BTC trades within a tight range and might be getting ready for a big move, billionaire investor Tim Draper stated that he expects Bitcoin to change h..

2019 May Be the Year of Regulatory Response to Crypto: Ex-CFTC...

2019 will be the year when regulators may start considering some response to cryptocurrencies, says former CFTC chairman. Former Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) chairman Christopher Giancarlo, who had parted ways with the regulator this summer, has stated that he expects 2019 to be the year when regulators may start considering some response to cryptocurrencies. Giancarlo voiced his opinion during an interview with industry news outlet The Block published on Oct. 9, stating: “I would say 2019 is the year in which there's a growing recognition that regulators and policy makers need to do more than just be aware of these, but may actually need to look at some policy responses.” Libra spurs regulators to take actionGiancarlo also believes that regulators will increase their involvement in the crypto space this year because of “a combination of Libra and the prospects for central bank digital currencies.” He also noted that the United States Securities and Exchange Commis..

‘Hurun China Rich List 2019’ Features 12 Crypto Magnates

"Hurun China Rich List 2019” published by Hurun Report, a research, media and investments firm, features 12 local crypto magnates. "Hurun China Rich List 2019” published by Hurun Report, a research, media and investments firm, features 12 local cryptocurrency magnates. The latest list was published on Oct. 10 and includes co-founders of mining giant Bitmain Micree Zhan and Jihan Wu, founder of major crypto exchange Binance Changpeng Zhao and founder of competing OKCoin — Star Xu. Lastly, Leon Li, founder of cryptocurrency exchange Huobi, is also on the list. Mining hardware producers and crypto exchanges’ CEOsBitmain’s Zhan — with his net worth of 30 billion Chinese yuan (over $4.2 billion) — has secured for himself the 100th position on the list. Binance’s Changpeng Zhao is ranked 195th thanks to his 18 billion yuan ($2.5 billion) personal wealth. Interestingly, he moved up 35 positions compared to the 2018’s list. Founder of OKEx Star Xu took the 398th spot on the list with 10 billi..

Crypto Market Hardly Needs a Bitcoin ETF at This Time, Says...

Bitcoin ETFs are hardly needed for the ecosystem’s development, says founder and CEO of crypto investment firm BKCM Brian Kelly. Founder and CEO of crypto investment firm BKCM Brian Kelly has said that Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETF) are hardly needed for the ecosystem’s development, given that the coin is already available on regulated platforms such as Fidelity and TD Ameritrade. Kelly made his remarks during an interview with CNBC published on Oct. 11, explaining: “You have companies like Fidelity and TD Ameritrade starting to push into this space. So ultimately you’re going to be able to buy Bitcoin in a regular brokerage account, or it’s going to look like a regular brokerage account. So I’m less concerned that you need a bitcoin ETF at this point in time.” He also pointed out that the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) decision to define Ethereum as a commodity made a significant impact on the space, adding: “The CFTC saying that Ethereum is a..
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