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Cryptocurrency On Its Way To Becoming A Legal Tender in New...

Cryptocurrency News Today – Cryptocurrency takes a closer step to becoming actual money as the island country of New Zealand agrees to collect tax on cryptocurrency if used to pay salary. This puts a bump to critics who said that cryptocurrency couldn’t be classified as real money because it couldn’t be used to pay taxes. Cryptocurrency news today learned that New Zealand’s Inland Revenue Department (IRD) had published two rulings regarding cryptocurrencies that were binding. The first ruling agreed that it was legal to pay the salaries of employees as long as some explicit conditions were met. One of the conditions was if it was duly stated that cryptocurrency would be used as a currency to pay salaries and such in the employment contract. Cryptocurrency News Today – Cryptocurrency Will Become A Legal Tender In New Zealand – Cryptocurrency Latest Update The Internal Revenue Department further explained that as long as an employee had agreed to receive part of their entire regular rem..

$100,000 Bitcoin? Cryptocurrency Trader Predicts That BTC Will Hit $100k Eventually,...

Bitcoin News Today – The past few weeks have been quite volatile for the king of the cryptocurrency jungle. Like a swashbuckler fencing, the BTC has bounced back and forth as the price of the BTC dipped and soared. Cryptocurrency analysts, researchers, and traders were kept in a perpetual state of tension as BTC price prediction flew back and forth. Some predictions foresaw the doom of Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market as a whole while others saw the price of the BTC skyrocketing to heights beyond imagination. Bitcoin News Today – Bitcoin Price Prediction – Bitcoin Latest Update – Cryptocurrency News Today – Bitcoin To Hit $100,000? Bitcoin news today learned that one such analyst, Murad Mahmudov, formerly of Goldman Sachs, believes that the BTC would reach a whopping $100,000 in price value. Murad wrote on twitter that though the BTC looked like it was going into a bearish trend in the next few weeks, he believed that the Bitcoin was only gearing up for a major surge that ..

ING Poll: Austrians Are Most Skeptical of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Online survey by ING shows Austrians are the most skeptical towards cryptocurrency. An online survey by banking giant ING finds that Austrians are the most skeptical of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies in general. The poll, including respondents from 15 countries, shows that Bitcoin-positivity is also weakening in other countries, according to Der Standard, Aug. 14. The worst and getting worseAustrians are generally conservative on investments, but on cryptocurrency they are very skeptical, with only 13% seeing digital currencies in a positive light. Attitudes towards cryptocurrency worsened since last year’s survey. This year 17% of Austrians think that cryptocurrency is the future of digital payments, compared to 20% last year. And now only 14% believe it is a significant form of investment in contrast to 17% last year. Just 5% of Austrians would consider having their salaries paid in Bitcoin. According to the survey, Austrians know more than most nations about cryptocurrencies, b..

Cryptocurrency Market Sees Red as Bitcoin Slumps Below $11,000

The crypto market is in the red as BTC see week-long descent and XRP may be facing legal troubles with a newly-amended class action suit. Tuesday, Aug. 13 — Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and XRP continue to bleed amid a crypto market turning red. Market visualization. Source: Coin360 Bitcoin is trading at $11,005 at press time, with a 3.83% loss on the day. Bitcoin broke $12,000 three days in a row, from Aug. 6 to Aug. 8., but never managed to hold these highs for a significant period of time. Then on Saturday, Aug.10, BTC price fell by about $400 in just an hour. Price has continued downward since then, and has even dipped below $10,900 today. Bitcoin 7-day price chart. Source: Coin360 The number two cryptocurrency, Ether, appears to be declining more gradually than BTC. At press time, ETH is trading over $208 and is down by 1.62% on the day. However, Ether investors remain bullish on the token’s long-term prospects, with 54% of respondents in a Twitter survey reporting that they bel..

Bitmain Accuses Cryptocurrency Project of Impersonation

Bitmain has accused a cryptocurrency project of falsely using its name in the promotion of a product dubbed Mangocoin. Cryptocurrency mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain has accused a cryptocurrency project of falsely using its name in the promotion of a product dubbed Mangocoin (MNG). In an Aug. 9 blog post, Bitmain states that it came across a fraudulent use of its brand in the sale of a product dubbed “Bitmain Cloud Miner” and in the promotion of Mangocoin. The fraudsters allegedly masqueraded as Bitmain and promoted the products on their website, application and software. Bitmain thus warned the public that Mangocoin and its social media accounts, website, application and dedicated groups in messenger apps are not the company’s business channels or platforms, noting that Bitmain does not stand behind MNG as its developer. The company further says that it has taken legal action in order to protect itself and its users’ rights, adding: “We would like to remind our existing and pote..

Abu Dhabi Sovereign Wealth Fund Invests in Cryptocurrency Exchange

The world’s thirteenth largest sovereign wealth fund, Abu Dhabi-based Mubadala Investment Capital, has made an investment in cryptocurrency exchange MidChains. The world’s thirteenth largest sovereign wealth fund, Abu Dhabi-based Mubadala Investment Capital, has made an investment in cryptocurrency exchange MidChains. As UAE English language newspaper Gulf News reported on Aug. 11, Mubadala Investment Capital has invested in MidChains, a digital currency trading platform set to launch in late 2019 in Abu Dhabi. The exchange will be located in the international financial center and free zone Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). Commenting on the investment, Basil Al Askari, co-founder of MidChains, told the Gulf News: “We’re an exchange. You can think of it similar to a stock exchange, but where you’re trading equities, for us, it would be crypto. We also perform custody activities, which means we also can store, settle, and clear crypto transactions on behalf of our clients.” According to ..

Cryptocurrency Market Sees Red as Bitcoin Still Struggles Under $12,000

Major coins are seeing red, with Tezos, Cardano and Tron losing the most on the day among the top 20 coins. Friday, Aug. 9 — Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and XRP are slumping along with the rest of a largely red cryptocurrency market. Market visualization. Source: Coin360 Bitcoin is trading at$11,910 at press time, with approximately a 1.16% loss on the day. Bicoin has broken $12,000 three times this week, but has lost traction at or above that price point. Nonetheless, some BTC bulls are saying that the current market conditions indicate only a temporary setback for its inevitable surge beyond the previous all-time high. Serial VC investor Tim Draper commented: “I thought there would be many more competitors at this point that were really relevant, but people have consolidated towards Bitcoin because it’s decentralized.” Bitcoin 7-day price chart. Source: Coin360 The number two cryptocurrency, Ether, is down by around 4.37% at press time to trade at $211. Over the past seven days or ..

Researchers Discover New Cryptocurrency-Focused Trojan

Computer analysts have found a new type of virus — a remote-access trojan — that targets cryptocurrency users. Computer analysts at cybersecurity firm Zscaler ThreatLabZ have found a new type of trojan that targets cryptocurrency users. In a blog post published on Aug. 8, the company reveals that it identified a new remote-access trojan (RAT) that is able to capture administrative control of the targeted computer, retrieve browser history and look for activities involving cryptocurrency, credit cards, business, social media and others. The malware is called Saefko and is written in .NET, a software framework developed by Microsoft and used to develop a wide range of applications. The post further explains: “RATs are usually downloaded as a result of a user opening an email attachment or downloading an application or a game that has been infected. Because a RAT enables administrative control, the intruder can do just about anything on the targeted computer, such as monitoring user beha..

MasterCard, Samsung, Facebook Bolster Cryptocurrency Offerings as Market Recovers

As Bitcoin (BTC) price recovers from the downturn of July, confidence has returned to the cryptocurrency community which has prompted mainstream companies to continue cryptocurrency adoption projects. Among these companies are household names like Samsung, MasterCard, and Facebook which is fighting on several fronts to launch its controversial Libra cryptocurrency. Latest Bitcoin News features the improvements these companies are making to their respective cryptocurrency offerings and what to expect from BTC price in the coming days. Mastercard Bolsters Crypto Development Team and Crypto Wallet Projects – Bitcoin News Today – Crypto News Now FIntech giant MasterCard is reportedly increasing the number of talents on its blockchain team to work on its cryptocurrency features. Going by information on its job portal, the payment company is looking to fill several blockchain-related roles including senior positions for its cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency wallet development. Here are some..

Cryptocurrency Lender Dharma to Postpone Accepting New Deposits and Loans

Cryptocurrency lending platform Dharma has put a moratorium on new deposits and loans, adding that they are still hard at work on their product. San Francisco-based crypto lender Dharma has decided to pause new deposits and loans on its platform. Dharma announced their decision in a series of official Twitter posts on Aug. 7. Their second tweet in the series reads: “For now, we're pausing new deposits and loans in Dharma. If you have an existing deposit or loan with Dharma, you'll still be able to access your account and will have the option to withdraw any funds that are not currently locked up.” While not appearing to offer any further details, Dharma assured the public in the rest of their posts that they were “hard at work” and that the “next chapter of this story is going to be exciting.” The launch of DharmaDharma is a relatively young company. In February, the firm raised $7 million from investors such as Coinbase Ventures. The Block Crypto additionally specified tha..
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