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New Survey Indicates Businesses Unprepared to Deploy Blockchain Technology

A new survey reveals that organizations are not ready to implement blockchain tech, although a half of respondents are considering blockchain adoption. A new study has revealed that, while businesses are considering blockchain adoption, overall they do not feel ready to implement the technology. The survey was conducted by software development firm Globant and published on Feb. 19. The report says that 64 percent of organizations are intent on investing in blockchain solutions to improve their internal operations, while only 46 percent of respondents feel ready to deploy the technology. Out of 61 percent of organizations that are already researching blockchain, only 28 percent have chosen a blockchain provider. According to the survey, the majority of decision-makers are still investigating the technology and comparing vendors, and have not yet defined their stance on blockchain tech. Diego Tartara, CTO Latin America at Globant, said, "Blockchain implementation is different for every ..

Ethereum Predecessor Leverages PoA Protocol to Deploy Over 180 Transactions Per...

Advertisement This is a submitted sponsored story. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the content below. Token development platform enables utility token creation, tapping into Ethereum’s flaws with faster, more secure Blockchain based on the PoA protocol. Modern enterprises and corporations worldwide still have the greatest interest in Blockchains. Although ICOs managed to raise more than $5.6 billion throughout 2017, 52% proved to be unsuccessful due to reasons such as weak business models, improper tokenomics, or unrealistic goals. Sadly, Ethereum has limitations that don’t allow entrepreneurs or developers to reap all the benefits of a fully decentralized network. Security breaches, high gas fees, low transactional speed, and technical requirements come in the way of building a transparent utility token with real adoption chances. In the absence of a universal Blockchain platform, in order to str..

Mining Giant Bitmain Hurries to Deploy 90,000 S9 Antminers Ahead of...

Ahead of the imminent Bitcoin Cash hard fork, mining giant Bitmain has rushed to deploy around 90,000 Antminer S9 machines to the western Chinese region of Xinjiang. Ahead of the imminent Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork, mining giant Bitmain has rushed to deploy around 90,000 Antminer S9 machines to the western Chinese region of Xinjiang, Chinese blockchain news source DeepChain reports Nov. 8. As reported, the BCH network will hard fork on Nov. 15, and Bitmain is reported to be strategizing its role in the forthcoming computing “power war” by reaching out to local mining farms in the coal-rich region of Xianjing. Local mining pool operator Yu Hao told DeepChain that the mining titan has been in talks with “almost all” the local mining farms since late October, and persuaded them to host almost 90,000 of its S9 machines: “[Bitmain’s] AntPool requested that a single mining farm should host over 5,000 machines. But in fact, only a few mining farms can satisfy their demand.” An unnamed sour..

UK Telecoms Regulator Receives Grant to Deploy Blockchain for Telephone Number...

The British telecoms regulator has received a £700,000 grant to explore blockchain applications for better telephone number management. The United Kingdom (U.K.) Office of Communications (Ofcom) has received a £700,000 ($916,00) grant from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to explore blockchain technology, according to an announcement published Oct. 8. The grant will purportedly help the U.K. telecoms regulator examine how blockchain can improve the management of landline telephone numbers. Established in 2016, the BEIS is a government department supported by 46 agencies and public bodies and responsible for business, industrial strategy, science, innovation, and energy and climate change policy. Per the announcement, Ofcom is looking to involve industry participants to test the movement and management of “millions” of telephone numbers using blockchain technology, while the agency itself will coordinate the work. “We issue blocks of these numbers to te..

Walmart Requires Certain Produce Suppliers to Deploy Blockchain Technology

Walmart will require its suppliers of leafy-greens to implement blockchain technology by September 2019. U.S. retail giant Walmart and its division Sam’s Club, a membership-only retail warehouse club, will require suppliers of leafy greens to implement a farm-to-store tracking system based on blockchain tech, Reuters reported September 24. The end-to-end traceability system is based on distributed ledger technology (DLT) developed by computing giant IBM. According to the report, Walmart will require suppliers to implement blockchain tech by September 2019. The company’s Vice President of Food Safety, Frank Yiannas, stated that Walmart will require a similar traceability system “for other fresh fruit and vegetable providers within the next year.” Walmart told Bloomberg that over 100 companies will be required to implement IBM’s blockchain service. Walmart claims that blockchain tech implementation will “dramatically [improve] efficiency.” Frank Yiannas conducted a traceability experime..
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