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Turnkey Decentralized Exchange Apollo Launches Beta Platform for Fully Private Transactions...

Apollo, the all-in-one cryptocurrency that comprehensively meets every currency need ever imagined by users, has now made available its decentralized exchange (DEX) for public use. Launched in beta, the Apollo DEX now compliments the full-feature blockchain that offers an entire range of token generation services, while guaranteeing that transactions are 100% private. An Open Exchange for True Peace of Mind Taking a cue from the original concepts of cryptocurrency which revolved around the idea of independence, the Apollo Foundation introduces its beta DEX with a much-anticipated feature from the entire industry: atomic swaps. One of the shortcomings of DEXs in the past has been the fact that DEX platforms have been restricted to their blockchain platforms, with access only to tokens built on the same platform. But with atomic swaps, tokens and assets can be exchanged across different platforms, and without a centralized entity to govern it, this ensures assets remain fully in the o..

Ripple, Coinbase Invest in Mexico’s Biggest Crypto Exchange Bitso

Ripple, Coinbase invested an undisclosed amount in the first Mexican crypto exchange to help it expand to Brazil and Argentina. Ripple, the firm behind the third biggest cryptocurrency XRP, has led an investment round in Bitso, one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the Spanish-speaking world. The first Mexican crypto exchangeAn early partner of Bitso, Ripple has led the new investment round to support the first cryptocurrency exchange in Mexico, the company officially announced on Oct. 14. As reported by crypto publication The Block, the new investment round also involves major investors including United States-based crypto exchange and wallet provider Coinbase, Jump Capital as well as existing investors such as Digital Currency Group and Pantera Capital. The amount of investment has not been disclosed. Expanding to Argentina and BrazilAccording to the report, the raised funds will help Bitso expand its business to Argentina and Brazil, among other Latin American countries. As noted ..

Cryptocurrency Exchange OKEx Delists XMR, DASH, ZEC, ZEN, SBTC

South Korean cryptocurrency exchange OKEx has halted trading of Monero, DASH, Zcash, Horizen and Super Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx announced the end of Monero (XMR), DASH, Zcash (ZEC), Horizen (ZEN) and Super Bitcoin (SBTC) trading as of today, Oct. 10. Per the Oct. 2 announcement, the assets have been delisted today. A previous version of the announcement was published on Sept. 10. That being said, since then the support for privacy coins ZEC and DASH has been defined as temporarily suspended due to regulatory concerns. Regulatory concerns over privacy coinsMore precisely, OKEx reports having received a request to end the transaction support and review the compliance with the 'Travel Rules' according to the Financial Action Task Force recommendations. The exchange promised that the final decision concerning the support of DASH and Zcash will be announced at a later date in a separate announcement. Delisting of privacy coins over regulatory concerns is nothing new...

Crypto Exchange Binance Launches Eighth Phase of its Lending Product

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announces the eighth phase of its lending product. Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced the launch of the eighth phase of its lending product on Oct. 7. In this phase, Binance will start offering 14-day fixed-term lending products. The subscribers will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The subscription period begins on Oct. 10 and ends on Nov.10, while interest will be paid immediately after the term matures. An annualized percentage yield of 10%The digital assets included in the program are Binance Coin (BNB), Bitcoin (BTC), Binance USD (BUSD), EOS, Ethereum Classic (ETC), Ether (ETH), Chainlink (LINK), Tether (USDT) and XRP. The annualized percentage yield on those loans starts at 3% for Bitcoin and reaches 10% for BNB, USDT and BUSD. The exchange’s CEO Changpeng Zhao praised the high yield of those loans in a tweet sent on Oct. 7: “How much interest is your $USD making for ya in the bank? Convert them to $BUSD and let them sta..

Cryptopia Exchange Liquidator Asks Its Devs How to Reimburse Users

Grant Thornton, the firm liquidating hacked New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia, discusses how best to do so with the platform’s developers. Grant Thornton, the firm liquidating hacked New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia, has discussed how best to do so with the platform’s developers. Grant Thorton aims for “collaborative relationship”According to a leaked email from Grant Thornton originally dated Sept. 23, its executives planned to conduct an online meeting for the developers on Oct. 7. The email reads: “Given the scale, complexity and unique nature of the Cryptopia situation it is desirable to develop a collaborative relationship with the developer community.” The move marks the latest step in reimbursing the exchange’s clients, who lost around $4.2 million in total after the hack last January. In August, preparations were already underway to determine wallet ownership, with the liquidation process facing various hurdles nonetheless. “A positive message”Accordin..

Crypto Exchange CoinField Launches XRP Validator, Teases New Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency exchange CoinField launches an XRP validator that is already included in Ripple’s Unique Node List, teases a new mysterious project. Cryptocurrency exchange CoinField has launched an XRP validator which is already included in Ripple’s Unique Node List (UNL). According to a press release published on Oct. 2, “UNLs are the lists of transaction validators a given participant believes will not conspire to defraud them.” The exchange’s team has also reportedly been working on a new project based on XRP’s ledger (XRPL) for half a year. CoinField promises to release the details of it on Oct. 15. The platform’s CEO Bob Ras added: “This new ecosystem is the most sophisticated project ever built on top of XRPL, and it is the best use case for that. We believe this will be a big step forward for the whole industry and the mass adoption of XRP blockchain.” A project shrouded in mystery Reportedly CoinField will also officially present the details of the new ecosystem at the Malta ..

John McAfee’s Decentralized Crypto Exchange Launches in Beta

American entrepreneur and vocal crypto advocate John McAfee launches a new decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain. American entrepreneur and vocal crypto advocate John McAfee has launched a decentralized exchange (DEX) running on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. McAfee DEX is set to run in a beta release status as of Oct. 7, according to the new platform’s official website and McAfee’s personal Twitter feed. “Centralized exchanges are our weak point”On Oct. 5, McAfee’s tweet unveiled the new platform, stating that “it takes time for enough users to join to make it real, but if you play, and be patient,” the exchange can serve as “the door that frees us from Government's cornerstone of control: Fiat currencies. It can't be shut down.” In an embedded video, McAfee argues that the cryptocurrency community faces the question of whether its aspirations are limited to merely expanding the possibilities for pure speculation — “all about money” — or are about an ideal, name..

OKEx to Found Crypto Exchange Compliance Self-Regulated Organization

A crypto exchange self-regulated organization is being created by crypto exchange OKEx in collaboration with other market participants. Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx announced in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Oct. 3 the creation of a Self-Regulated Organization (SRO) aiming to standardize crypto exchange compliance practices and policies. A global self-regulatory crypto exchange bodyPer the release, OKEx is already engaging with other exchange and market participants to form their planned SRO. The organization in question is meant to be similar to the World Federation of Stock Exchanges, FINRA in the United States and the World Economic Forum. OKEx made the announcement on the first day of the DELTA Summit in Malta. Member exchanges will supposedly collaborate to define and comply with standards promoting digital asset adoption, government and regulator education, and develop metrics and criteria for trading, listings, and reporting. Head of Operations for OKEx Andy Cheu..

Bithumb Global to Launch Regulated Crypto Exchange in India: Report

South Korean exchange Bithumb’s international platform Bithumb Global is looking to establish a regulated cryptocurrency exchange in India, a report says. South Korean exchange Bithumb’s international platform Bithumb Global is looking to establish a regulated cryptocurrency exchange in India. The firm is planning to expand its services to India by partnering with local crypto exchanges, funding local blockchain startups and working on new industry initiatives, local media outlet The Economic Times reports Oct. 3. “We are open to talking to regulators”Javier Sim, co-founder and managing director at Bithumb Global, revealed that the company is willing to engage with Indian regulators to build a new regulated exchange. Sim reportedly said: “We are open to talking to regulators, working with them to be a regulated exchange. We are a strong brand from Korea and do not involve ourselves in unregulated or illegal trade.” Recent debut of Bithumb GlobalWhile Bithumb Korea is one of the earlie..

Venezuelan Exchange Rolls Out Crypto Debit Card with Petro Support

Two Venezuelan companies have partnered to release a cryptocurrency debit card and point-of-sale system. Two Venezuelan companies have partnered to release a cryptocurrency debit card and point-of-sale (PoS) system. “Crypto transfer device” supports four currenciesAccording to a social media release by state-sanctioned exchange CriptoLAGO on Oct. 1, the joint offering with so-called “investment cryptobank” Glufco is already taking orders. Translated part of the announcement states: “What we were waiting for, our alliance with Glufco, puts us at the forefront.” The system will provide support for Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Dash (DASH) and Petro, the Venezuelan government’s state-backed digital currency. Neither offering, it appears, will feature support for fiat currency, including the country’s troubled Sovereign Bolivar (VES). Glufco refers to its product as a “cryptocurrency transfer device,” and hints that in future, further cryptocurrencies could receive support automatically..
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